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February 18th 2022
Published: February 21st 2022
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On Thursday morning the women were back for their tailoring class. Their new trainer starts the first of March and since they have been enjoying knitting so much we decided to stick with it. The group has created a great bond with each other, they vary in age from ~16 years old to late 50s so there is great conversations that happen. There is a lot of laughter such as one of the women laughing at me when I told her she was doing a great job even though she did not agree with me 😊

I can pick up bits of their conversation when they throw in English words or someone translates for me. They can be talking about anything from managing their husbands to business ideas that they have.

Thursday afternoon was my last day with the young mother’s group. I started with this group first so I had a few extra sessions with them. For our last class we wanted to have a recap of the class and hear from the women. We started with a reminder about budgeting and saving and then we finished with hearing from each lady. We heard some great things from the women about what they learned during our financial literacy class.

Some of the topics they said they learned:
1 Understanding cash flow in their business
2 Have a separate saving account for emergencies
3 Learned skills that now has allowed her to join her mother’s business
4 Stop spending money on wants and save that money for their goal instead
5 Balance Sheet for their Business: Debt vs Credits
6 Start your business small and grow it as you can save more capital
7 Creating small steps to get to a big financial goal
8 Don’t spend all of your capital at once
9 Every little bit helps when it comes to saving

Only a few of the women saved money before this class. Now all of the women have a saving box. Several of the women have gotten together to create their own savings group and hope to incorporate it soon so that a bank account is possible. This savings group has already saved $120,000 shillings and has goals for much more. I am anxious to get updates on their progress!

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