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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 24th 2014

Now that the safari was over, it was time to get back to work, where I would spend the rest of my time in Uganda with the Vets Without Boarders (VWB) goat project. I left off in Entebbe and the following morning Ursula and I would be leaving the rest of the girls to go to Mbarara to work. We planned on taking the bus, but as always, what you plan for here is rarely what you get. I woke up the next day feeling like absolute hell. I'm talking throwing up, chills and sweats, incredible body aches, dizzy and weak. Something had gone seriously wrong in my body, and fast. Ursula and I quickly realized that, given I could barely move, I was in no shape to take the bus. Thank god, Silas was able ... read more
Only a few days old!
How to not keep your goats
One of our super paravets, Janet, and her perfect pen

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Queen Elizabeth NP July 19th 2014

Ok, I lied, not all days are insanely early, today was actually insanely early, as in 4am early. Today was the day where we prayed to see lions, and since our best chance of seeing them is first thing in the morning, we got our asses out of bed and were on the game drive by seven. Like the days prior, we saw many, many ungulates, particularly kobs. In fact, we saw hundreds of kobs! They were all over the park, to the left and right of the jeep, and crossing the road in front of us. We saw a couple square off and fight and even got to see a couple mating. We were, after all, in an area of the park called Kob's Mating Grounds, so we can officially say it lives up to ... read more
Morning sex

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 19th 2014

Yay safari blog! Animal pictures! Eeeee!!! The safari was absolutely incredible and I'm so excited to write about it and post pictures. I am going to post a new blog for each day. which might be a little annoying for anyone reading or subscribed to it. It's partly to avoid the blog entry getting too long, but mostly because we travelled to new places each day and the blog site I'm using allows you to map where you go with each entry. It also has an option to print the blog as a book when you're finished and I want the photos to match each day. And it's my blog and I can do what I want. Most of the photos are ones that I took, however a few of the shots, particularly any that are ... read more
So beautiful
Beautiful Ankole Cattle

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Queen Elizabeth NP July 19th 2014

Today's adventure would begin early. . . oh who am I kidding, everyday on the safari is insanely early. Now we were off to the Queen Elizabeth National park for the next two days, which is home to prides of lions, and would likely be our only chance of seeing them on the whole safari. Any of the African cats are generally the most exciting to see, as they are very rare and many tourists don't get a chance at seeing them. We didn't get lucky seeing a leopard on the game drive at Lake Mburo, but we all had our fingers crossed for lions in Queen E. As we drove through the park to get to the Kazinga Channel we saw many more ungulates roaming the savannah, including kobs and waterbucks, as well as vast ... read more
Vervet Monkey
Cooling off

Today would be the day I was looking forward to the most out of my entire time in Uganda – tracking the extremely endangered, wild mountain gorillas. Despite placing our breakfast order the night before and requesting a specific time to eat, the chefs still work on African time, so we ended up being the last group to arrive at the trek site. No huge deal though, the only downside was we got divided into two groups: myself, Heather and Ursula in one group, and Leandra and Thea in the other. My group met up with our guide and the other trekkers, and after a brief intro on safety instructions, we hopped in the car and drove to the point where we start the hike. I think we missed most of the safety tips because we ... read more
No paths through the forest here!
Literally climbing over and under everything

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale July 11th 2014

The final days in Kabale were starting to count down, before all of us MUST students would have to pack up our things, say our goodbyes, and head back to Mbarara. Work at the Kihefo clinic continued to be slow, and Leandra still had only seen one child admitted to the nutrition clinic the entire month we were there, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. After hearing the insanely disorganized and chaotic stories from the other U of S girls at the Rugazi clinic – dirty equipment, lack of supplies, severe acute cases, even helping deliver babies – we decided we need to see another hospital. So Monday morning we put on our lab coats, paraded up to the Kabale general hospital and walked in, pretending we were supposed to be there. ... read more
Curious onlookers at the camp
Inside the church
Line up of patients

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 11th 2014

After our night of clubbing at The Mist, the MUST crew woke the next morning bright and early, with a nice little hangover, so we could be ready for the bus when it came at 8am. At around 11am, we found out that it's running on African Time – you'd think we would have learned to give up on “Muzungu Time” by now. I tried explaining to Ivan that we were always ready when we were told to be, just in case it's the one time things are actually running on time here. Without hesitation he responded, “that time with never come, my friend.” And so far, he's completely right. Since we had no food left and didn't have breakfast, Leandra and I fried up the rest of the beaver tail dough for lunch so we ... read more
The Kihefo residence
Patricia and Lilian with their new mushrooms seeds

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale July 11th 2014

So, first off, I apologize for posting four blogs in a row, but power and internet have been minimal lately. First no power for several days, which is why the next two blogs are going to be short and might sound a little rushed – I quickly wrote them before my computer died. And then I didn't have a strong enough internet connection to post the blogs until now. The next week at Kihefo involved some work at the clinic and group work, as per usual, but we also did some home visits and nutritional assessments of the community. As well, our team from MUST went back to Lake Bunyonyi, again, to visit the traditional healer. One morning, 16 of us, which included some of our group members and hospital staff, crammed into the back of ... read more
The healer and his first wife
Dancing at the healer's
The school

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro July 2nd 2014

So just a disclaimer, while this is probably the most interesting blog post I've written, it's also pretty long. So make some tea, grab a sandwich and enjoy! Alright, one Friday afternoon, Leandra and I, and two of the American medicine students, Adriene and Marty, all hopped in a van to head to Kisoro for the weekend to climb a volcano and conquer nature! Seems simple enough, right? Well, keep reading. The two hour drive to Kisoro boasts to be one of the most beautiful in Uganda, as it allows us to travel alongside Lake Bunyonyi and through the hilly and mountainous countryside. The volcano we were planning on hiking, Muhavura, is the tallest in the mountain range, and stands along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. On the drive we passed a section ... read more
Soaked but still smiling
Rest stop #1

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 2nd 2014

Rugazi week 4 Day 34- Went on the pediatric unit with Mike and in the afternoon prepped for our health presentation at Saint Michael’s High school. The topic was about latrine and hand hygiene and I presented on hand hygiene. The students and staff were very receptive and asked lots of questions. In the evening Lindsey and I watched football. Day 35- Went to Out Patient Department (OPD) with Brian (clinical officers), were we assessed many different health issues. Afternoon Rugazi Group B went to Nyakatunga village to evaluate our research project. Our project was very successful the community members were very engaged; many had cleaned their latrines, created toilet covers, tissue baskets and brooms, and even started building new pit latrines. Day 36- In the morning I worked on the research report with the group ... read more

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