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Published: May 10th 2008
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Hello everyone,

How're you all doing? I think I'll keep on writing this blog in English, though Nina is back home, but I know at least some of the German readers will still follow the blog, and I think you'll prefer to read it in English instead of Dutch, right?;-)

Yes, Nina went home on monday...By now I know that she arrived home safely. It's different without her. I'm not feeling bad with it or lonely, but it is somehow strange, and I miss her somehow...after 3 months of being together...But, I haven't got time to miss her too much, cause finally I got something real to do concerning my practical period! This week and next week the work is reading a lot. It;s really a lot, no joke! And than 17 May I will be visit for the first time the project, situated in Kibale National park, in the Western region. It's a project of the FACE foundation from The Netherlands together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and it's about reforest the Southern part of the Nationalpark. For FACE foundation the main aim is to fix carbon dioxide with the forest. I'll tell more about it later on, if I did some more work.

At this moment I'm in the internetcafe in Masaka, cause I'm staying in Kiwangala. Here it's easier for me to study because it's more quiet than Kampala/Bulenga, plus the fact that I love Kiwangala. I got just a lot of good people here! Greetings from Frank Tamale, my friend sitting next to me now, to all of you that know him!

Monday I hope to get to Lake Mburo Nationalpark between Masaka and Mbarara together with Mike (from Kiwangala). If possible we'll stay there till wednesday. But only if I'm through with my study before that time...In order to reach that, I'll have to stop now, but at least you know what I'm doing again.

I hope you're all doing fine, and I'll try to write again soon,


(ps. answering all of my mails and hyves krabbels is sometimes kind of difficult, because I haven't got so much time on the internet the coming time...So, please don't think I deny your messages, I'll answer them as soon as I find the time. Thanks a lot for all messages!!!)


11th May 2008

Hi Joeri;-)
Hey, schön von dir zu hören! Und schön, dass es dir gut geht. Ganz, ganz liebe Grüsse an Mike und Frank und all die anderen. Ist echt krass wieder daheim zu sein. Und bei mir tut sich auch so viel, ich denke, wenn es ok ist, dann werde ich auch nochmal was in Travelblog von mir schreiben, wies bei mir weiergeht. Vorgestern habe ich mit meinem neuen Chef telefoniert und schon in ein paar Wochen geht es los.Ich bin schon dabei eine Wohnung zu suchen.. Hoffe ihr findet Zeit zu dem Nationalpark zu gehen und du schaffst alles zu lesen und zu bearbeiten was du vor Kibale machen musst. Denk an dich! Nina PS Bei uns ists Wetter herrlich warm und sonnig, toll!

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