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Africa » Uganda » Central Region November 18th 2004

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 20th 2003

Kampala was a bustling city with a huge minibus park very close to where we were staying. We visited many travel agents in an attempt to get a cheap flight to London, but ended up with a not so cheap one flying in about a weeks time. We also booked our tour to go mountain gorilla tracking in Magahinga National Forest. $250 to track gorillas for an hour was the last splash of the trip and we couldn't pass up on the unique opportunity that many travelers before us had recommended highly. After taking a little break and going to the Cinema in Kampala to see Matrix Reloaded we got up infeasible early to get a bus to Kisoro. ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala April 15th 2003

...had a 200kg Silverback Gorilla throw a tree at you? No?! Well, we have. You want more details?!?! Well, OK then... We spent an awesome hour watching a family of gorillas in Ugandas Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There was the mighty silverback, blackbacks, females, juveniles and a three month old baby. They were wandering round the undergrowth feeding, and we were hacking our way through the undergrowth trying to watch them. There were three people in our group (a maximum of six are allowed to watch any one group per day), along with a guide, three trackers and three armed guards. The hike into the forest was not easy, but well worth it. We would have paid again the next day to see the gorillas a second time if we had the cash on us! Hopefully ... read more
We're all happy campers after our gorilla trip
Around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Tea fields and pickers, Buhoma

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe November 23rd 2000

Here in Kampala, the Red Chili Hideaway is an oasis. A big lawn outside the main building is where we pitched the tent. From Kampala we can get our Tanzanian visas but we're stuck waiting for a few days. Our schedule's getting tighter and it makes sense to me for us to skip a visit to Lamu in exchange for a few days in the Ssese Islands. Mike seems to agree, I hope it's in his heart. Note: I'm now minus one wallet, 7000 USh (about $4)and 3 credit cards (easily cancelled). Why did I let my guard down? Answer: because I'm not in Nairobi. Sometimes my boyfriend just doesn't want to think about what he wants to do and then just when we're down to the wire, he gets clarity. We won't go to Lamu, ... read more

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