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Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan August 30th 2018

Thursday, August 30thwe took our first foray out of Monastir. Fortunately for us there has been another American sailboat here and we hit it off with Kathy and Jim. Luckily they also wanted to see more of Tunisia so we hooked up together and hired a taxi/excursion driver for two days, Thursday and Saturday. It is always nice to share expenses and it was a fun time out together. We had told the driver, Alaya, that we were interested in learning more about the history of the area so that is how the itineraries were planned. As both of the days turned out to be 12 hour days covering plenty of history and territory I’ll split the two days up into two blog entries. We were picked up just after 8AM and headed toward our first ... read more
All Modes of Transportation Here
Stopped At a Roadside Stand for Fresh Figs & Prickly Pear
Just a Few Views Along the Way to Kairouan

Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan April 18th 2015

I transferred my photos this morning. I am beginning to suspect that the camera needs to be fully charged to successfully download photos to my iPad. By the end of a full day of sightseeing, the batteries in my camera and iPad are both getting pretty low! Anyway, I will try to include some pictures from the last couple of days in today's blog entry because I didn't take many today. Today, in short, we spent the day driving from Tabarka to Kairouan. The scenery was not uninteresting, but would not translate well to photos - lots of green fields, olive trees, and rocky hillsides. We are now ensconced in our hotel room and I will send this brief blog and photos while I have a chance. Photos include: the souk in Tunis, the Ulysses mosaic ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan April 7th 2013

Ein fauler Vormittag Erst nachmittags brachen wir mit dem Reisebus in Richtung Kairouan auf, der viertheiligsten Stadt des Islam. Zeit genug um auszuschlafen, in Ruhe aufzustehen, sich Notizen für den Reiseblog zu machen und im Café direkt gegenüber die W-Lan-Verbindung zu nutzen. Dabei haben wir Blick auf ein Rudel gegelter Halbstarker, die vor Café und angrenzender Fitness- und Tanzhalle (Fitnessstudio?) herumlungern und einen Kampfhund bei sich haben, der einen Dreikäsehoch an der Leine spazieren führt (genau so herum!). Nach aufwendiger Suche bekommen wir endlich ein Taxi, das uns zum Busbahnhof bringt. Wir haben zum ersten Mal einen gesprächigen Fahrer erwischt. Ein junger Tunesier, der eigentlich Sportjournalismus studiert hat. Dann kam die Einsicht, dass für zukünftige Familie und Eigenheim das Taxifahren erträglicher sein würde. Die Überland... read more

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