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Africa » Togo June 24th 2006

Nan, puisque qu'un de mes ptits Eperviers de voisin le dit.... read more

Africa » Togo » Lome June 22nd 2006

Allez les Eperviers (l'équipe togolaise)! Tout le monde les soutient ici : de grands panneaux dans la rue affirment : "Y gagner c'est y croire", "Un seul but: la victoire". Enfin ça je voudrais pas (mé)dire mais c'est loupé ;p! Mais bon c'est pas grave, les gens sont aussi pour toutes les équipes africaines et le Ghana et la Côte d'Ivoire se débrouillent pas mal! Ah ben voilà en parlant de ça, le Ghana vient de mettre un but contre les USA, c'est la fête au cyber, j'ai plus d'oreilles! Enfin tout ça pour dire qu'il va y avoir de l'ambiance pour le France-Togo! C'était déjà la fête lors France-Corée quand Zizou (Pourquoi il est nul en ce moment?) a eu le carton jaune: "Ouaiiis, Zidane jouera pas contre nous!". Mais bon moi je crois encore ... read more

Africa » Togo » Lome June 17th 2006

Africa » Togo June 17th 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting a new entry. The computers in Togo are incredibly slow and we have to travel 45 minutes to get to a working internet cafe, so I may not be able to corespond as much as I had hoped, at leat until I finish training and swear in as a Peace Corps volunteers so that I can access the fast computers (and post some pictures). The last few days have been full of excitement and adaptation and the entire group feels like e have been in Africa for weeks already. We left the dusty, crowded, and sweaty capital city of Lome for the small village of Adeta, loctaed near Kpalime, about a 2 hours drive on a good rad through lush tropical vegetation to the northeast of Lome. In Kpalime, we ... read more

Africa » Togo » Lome June 16th 2006

Instead of a shower, we have a hole and a bucket. Unfortunately, we didn't know this morning where to find water to fill it! Ok, no shower is not surprising, we are in Africa. But I am however shocked, I feel lost. Everything here is different from France of course but from any other country I visited, even the poorest ones like some places in China or Philippines. I can't already explain what is so different, I am quite confused, but it is! I met yersteday night when arriving the 2 other french girls doing the same mission as me, Elisabeth and Laurène (with whom we shared the same idea : we are happy to be finally arrived in Lomé... but what are we doing here!!!) , an other french guy here for 2 months, Mathias, ... read more

Africa » Togo » Lome June 11th 2006

Hi all, Bonjour tout le monde!!! I arrived in Lome, the capital of Togo, safe and sound last night after a two long flights, both about 7 hours long, with a short stop in the Paris airport. I am a little jet lagged, but other than that I feel wonderful and I am so excited to be here. My French is quickly coming back to me and many aspects of what I've seen so far remind me very much of Madagascar. The main differences, I guess, are that their are people on mopeds all over the place, the people are tall, well built, and very dark, and their are over 40 local languages and dialects here besides French to confuse me. I will try to upload pics of my volunteer group and other aspects of life ... read more

Africa » Togo » Lome May 21st 2006

Lomé was definitely not on the list of cities in Togo; in fact there were no cities listed for Togo at all. So here we are, in the the capital of skinny Togo back to speaking french much to the relief of Yus. Today is the hottest we've been on this trip, other than a hot crowded night in Winneba for the festival crammed next to lots of sweaty bodies. our sudden whimpyness with the heat makes me worry that we'll simply wither in Niamey, but Yus thinks the rains have already started la bas. it has rained a lot here; the roads are deceiving lakes, not as deep as they seem, but daunting enough to make taximen charge for the twisty turny routes they have to take between the puddles. we walked around the port ... read more

Africa » Togo April 1st 2005

"Issuing useless communiques and condemnations by toothless organizations such as the African Union and the ECOWAS group (of West African countries) won't get democracy restored anywhere on the continent, especially in Togo. It is simply pathetic. It won't work...What happened in Togo is a disgrace and shameful. It would greatly set back the course of democratization in Africa." (Ghana's National Democrat in February 2005). I've just had an enjoyable stay in Togo, but back in February, knowing that I intended to visit Togo, I was worried that things there might turn ugly. Lome, the capital could be a beautiful city, the country prosperous and the tourism industry vibrant. For those of you that don't follow African politics on February 5th, Africa's longest serving President in power Gnassingbe Eyadema died. He had run the country ... read more
Marche des Fetishiers
Central Lome

Africa » Togo » Lome January 21st 2003

Since Accra, we have been back to paradise (beach resort - good food, beer, waves, sun, palm trees...) for a few days more R & R, then we headed out of Ghana to Togo. We only had a couple of days in Togo, we only got a transit visa on the border. We did not do a lot there, we drove along the coast rode, stopped in Lome, went round the market, artisan stalls, supermarket (olive oil and wine!), a cafe for some bissap juice (yummy), camped by the beach, swum, lazed around, and drove on to Benin. Togo was ok, Lome is a dump, crowded, hot, sweaty, dirty... A bit of a short entry, but we wanted to try and have at least one entry per country!... read more
Nick and Rachel and the fire grate

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