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May 21st 2006
Published: May 21st 2006
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Lomé was definitely not on the list of cities in Togo; in fact there were no cities listed for Togo at all.
So here we are, in the the capital of skinny Togo back to speaking french much to the relief of Yus.
Today is the hottest we've been on this trip, other than a hot crowded night in Winneba for the festival crammed next to lots of sweaty bodies. our sudden whimpyness with the heat makes me worry that we'll simply wither in Niamey, but Yus thinks the rains have already started la bas. it has rained a lot here; the roads are deceiving lakes, not as deep as they seem, but daunting enough to make taximen charge for the twisty turny routes they have to take between the puddles.
we walked around the port the first rainy day, watching big things move and trying to get a used cd player for the yussef's taxi in a huge yard of cheap things fresh off the freighters.
other than that we haven't done much, but yussef just reminded me that every time we've eaten at a food stall everyone's really surprised that i eat rice, "white people est rice?!?"
we did the marche, tons of nigeriens cornering every inch of the market and helping us find things; cd/dvd player, lots of african cds i've been meaning to get, tons of fabric for a deal (3,000 for two panges, not bad girls?) cute baby shoes, the kind that squeak with each step, beads, huge red grapes, very expensive. . .
yussef's additions:
we found this cheezy/swanky restaruant/bar while we were waiting for the atm to get recharged so we had a rest and yussef played his first game of air hockey. . .he won
there are little ants in our hotel room that over ran my toothbrush, blech
people poop on the beach, blech

i have another entry that will illustrate our time in transit from Cape Coast to Kumasi soon

we're going to coutounou tomorrow; we'll be there long enough to get sand for my dad and then head home to niamey where things will be familiar and a little unfamiliar as usual and i will be reunited with my computer and will write more



3rd June 2006

Happy to find something about Togo...
I'm headed to Lome in 7 days as a solo traveller for a month...I was happy to find your blog as information about Lome is difficult to come by. It sounds as though you have had amazing adventures in West Africa.

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