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January 25th 2015
Published: January 31st 2015
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TRAVELBLOG 5. January 26, 2015

MONDAY Another great day in Kayanga. Brighton had to miss our morning meeting because his young son was in the hospital with a very high fever from malaria. We learned he got better later in the day so that is good news. Not an uncommon occurrence here: Christopher and I both felt well-rested and had breakfast with Dr. Bagonza. After, we toured the diocese offices, signed guestbooks, saw old friends, and studied how water was distributed there. We watched as local workers worked on constructing a 180,000 liter cistern (referred to as a "water tank" in Tanzania). Christopher climbed on top, investigated the construction and took photos as part of his information gathering plan for KARUCO Water. Back at the hotel, we met up with John Wade from MSAADA. John, Christopher, Albin and I had lunch together and got to talk about the layout of the project. We simply need a viable plan. Local understanding and expertise from 'outside' go hand in hand as we put our best thinking and discernment toward providing water for KARUCO. Fifteen people attended the planning meeting and reception. Bishop and the General Secretary blessed and thanked the ETI Team. Bishop thanked Christopher especially. Brighton gave a brief speech thanking ETI and highlighted that the gift from Christopher's mother's estate was 'the game-changer' that prompted involvement by so many others. The first building at KARUCO was constructed with a gift from the estate of Jacqueline Nolte Jones, which in turn, motivated others to become part of the story. I was invited to speak, thanked all, and gave ETI t-shirts to KAD for distribution. Christopher shared how he connected with ETI and shared the personal story of how his mother, Jacqueline Nolte Jones, decided to support KARUCO through Educate Tanzania prior to her death. Jacqueline's family was committed to education, agriculture and doing good with their resources. John Wade and Albin Matthias spoke and expressed excitement about being on the ETI Team. We sang hymns together and adjourned for dinner. As with last night...I tried to blog after dinner but wifi was not available. I am not sure when you all will receive this. Good night, Kayanga.

Take me to the Educate Tanzania website:www.educatetanzania.org


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