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Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara September 15th 2019

Unfortunately, I have had terminal (for me) problems using this site and in particular, uploading photos. There’s only so much time you can devote to solving problems or waiting for a solution from admin when traveling, so I have moved the blog over to Maybe we’ll meet over there? WordPress Username: martinfromoz Blog Title: Africa 2019... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara September 12th 2019

Arrived back in Mto wa Mbu on Sunday evening from Moshi after an absence of 3 years since our first time here. It seems largely unchanged apart from a new bank, a roadside coffee cart where you can get real coffee (catering to the safari crowd) and a huge new upmarket service station & restaurant/bar with outdoor tables on a fresh, green (wait for it,,,,) LAWN! Both of these last two cater for the safari crowd and a few well-heeled locals, as their prices are out of the reach of most of the people here. Maybe now we’ll see some safari-types come out from behind the gates of their lodges? (We KNOW you’re in there!). We tried out the restaurant at the servo. We are living back in the same house as last time. It’s in ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara April 19th 2019

If you are in Manyara in Tanzania, you have to spend a night or two in the Gampling Lodge in Manyara…just amazing. It is fenced from the open meadows of the wilderness and the tented lodges are spread across the huge compound covered with large trees,- a peaceful world of solitude. There are tourists here and there, but it’s not a typical hyper tourist lodge. When the darkness falls, all go quiet except the distant wilderness. 8 pm is quite a late evening here, 9 pm is the ‘sound of silence’! We finished our Kilimanjaro Lager in the open pub overlooking the darkness and turned on the headlamps walking through the dark compound to our lodges. From the porch, I looked across the fence,- a dim light from the half moon made the open meadows and ... read more
The reception of African Glumping lodge-1
Red-and-yellow Barbete

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara December 22nd 2018

“When you go away... you don't always go on safari, do you? Just want to be away.” Meryl Streep asked Robert Redford in the movie Out of Africa. That’s exactly what I felt when I returned to Africa only after a few months I came back from Kenya. Now I traveled to Africa once again, because I fell in love with the continent. I just wanted to soak into its careless, rugged beauty. Safari? Well, yes…but for me safari is an opportunity to blend into the unforgiving wilderness of the continent. I take deep breath in the boonies, and I feel at ease. When we returned from the Tarangire last evening to the picture perfect African Safari Glamping lodge in Manyara, it was the right fit for my state of mind after driving around all day ... read more
Loveness - the manager at the reception of the Glamping Lodge
A beautiful view of the swamp
Red-and-yellow Barbete

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara December 20th 2018

Our second national park in Tanzania was Lake Manyara.It took a few hours to get there and heavy overnight rain hadn’t helped the state of the roads. Along the way we passed several Masai villages. They are quite recognisable by the round mud huts but as the years go by, more and more Masai are living in brick houses. Once inside the park we were immediately surrounded by a troop of large baboons. They were uninterested in us, but it was a great start to the day. Soon enough they were joined by a troop of black faced vervet monkeys. These two species live peacefully alongside each other – a fine example to humanity. With thick vegetation all around us it was hard to spot anything, but Josh from Joash Africa Wilderness Insight was so good ... read more
Close up and personal with an elephant
Watch out, there are monkeys about!
A tower of giraffes

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara September 13th 2018

Tanzania day 5 A lion cub, thieving monkeys, many elephants and a MOR peckerhead in Tanzania Sunrise isn’t always interesting and today was one of those days. The sun limped from behind the horizon, made no use of the low lying sky and plopped unceremoniously into the sky. Only the look on Claire’s face when someone played ‘Here Comes The Sun’ was worth getting up so early for. Oh and the horror when she noticed a young woman wearing socks and sandals....and then when she saw the pasty white guy who ith an Arab headscarf.... Yes, my wife is always worth watching and infinitely more interesting than a sunrise. We were looking over Lake Manyara national park though, so the view was pretty good. Our campsite is called Panorama and it certainly lives up to its ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara September 12th 2018

Tanzania day 4 Tree climbing lioness in Lake Manyara national park, Tanzania The day began with a hot shower. That might not mean a lot to you but it’s our first since we got here; let’s hope it’s not the last! Our stay at Arusha Holiday ends in less than an hour when we will (hopefully) be picked up to go on safari for 6 days. There is no sign of breakfast yet or anyone to pay and we haven’t paid for the collection from the airport last night either. Oh and the wifi has gone off as well. The cockerel is giving it a bit of a rest though thankfully. Later... So we were ready for 8 which is when we were supposed to be being picked up. Tea, coffee and breakfast did arrive but ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara September 12th 2018

Today Glyn and I were totally blessed by the Safari Fairy. Although Lake Manyara was famous for lions in the trees, it is extremely rare to actually see them these days. Our ranger, Mhara, has been a ranger in the park for 5 years and only seen this phenomena 4 times, so his disbelief was as strong as mine and I had mentally prepared myself for disappointment. But we saw a lioness in a tree!! Having a nap!! It was amazing!! So anyway, from the beginning: I awoke to the sound of a persistent cockerel that was even earlier than the alarm. It was so good to have the first hot shower of the trip and Glyn even left me some of the hot water. Our driver from yesterday appeared and we saw that the marks ... read more
zebra at  Lake Manyara
vervet monkeys
baboon sex

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara August 21st 2017

Well getting out of Zimbabwe wasnt that easy. Saturday rolled up to airport, checked in and waited for 7hrs then all South African Airways flights cancelled....nutso Mugabe banned all flights over the scandal with his wife Grace!!!! Great!!! So back to Vic Falls for the night! Next day we split from our group and managed to get a flight from Livingston Airport in Zambia direct to Nairobi, as the others were going JoBurg to Nairobi....we didnt want to lose any days on our trip and in any case we were on a different tour to others from Nairobi. At about $700 each aud! Rip off! What a day, two border crossings...$50usd for visa into Zambia just to get a flight, three taxi rides and 9hr wait at Livingstone airport....finally got to Nairobi and crashed into bed ... read more
Rothchilds Giraffe Conservation Centre
Karen Blixen
Giraffe Centre

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara November 17th 2016

LAKE MANYARA On our way to Lake Manyara we passed back through the still busy and dusty streets of Arusha and stopped by Duma’s office to collect some more supplies for the next leg of our journey. We met Duma Explorer founder, Hezron Mbise and some of the staff who made us feel very welcome. We continued our journey and stopped to buy charcoal in yet another small dusty town and whilst we waited for Rammy to try and find a supply we were bombarded with locals selling us Tanzanian football shirts or Maasai beaded bracelets. We learnt the Swahili phrase, ‘Hapana Asante’ (no thank you) very quickly but this only helped a little. We handed out small bottles of soaps and lotions I had brought with me to the women and this seemed to please ... read more
Suitably Dressed
One of the highest jumpers
Me with the Ladies

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