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Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani January 24th 2018

Muheza A heavy storm woke me and 5 minutes later my alarm went. I’d intended to get a bus leaving Dodoma at 6, not fancying going anywhere in this weather I re-set my alarm and when it went again at 6:55 I got my shit together. I was on a boda to the bus stand at 7:40. Asking for Morogoro I was surprised to be shown to a big old ‘Raha Leo’ bus, yesterday I was told only smaller buses plied this route but like yesterday the fare was 12,000Tsh as quoted. At bang on 8am the less than half full bus hit the road as the heavens opened once more. The rain was really bad; 2 hours out of Dodoma along the Morogoro road the tarmac disappeared below the water for 50 metres ... read more
42 clicks to Pangani
The big yellow boozer and over "friendly" waitress, Muheza.
Bus to Pangani

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani September 20th 2010

Up at 6:30 am, tents down and everything packed and ready to load into the truck, breakfast at 7:30, departure at 8: we are getting into the routine of things.  We are traveling with Geckos, one of many overland tour companies. By now we realize that our reasons for choosing them were the right ones: large tents that we can stand up in and a cook traveling with the group. We have come to appreciate both, although the heavy canvas tents weigh about 50 kg and erecting them rips bare hands to shreds. We are expected to help our cook prepare things, like 'choppy, choppy', but he plans everything and does the grocery shopping. The food is wonderful and there is plenty of it. And we all pitch in to do the dishes and air dry ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani April 15th 2009

Hi all, Had a 4 day weekend last weekend due to easter, so me Rou, and Jesse decided to do some traveling and headed down to Pangani and Tanga. We bought our tickets for the Simba Video Coach (despite its name did not have a tv on board) on thursday and left on friday. The trip down to Tanga took about 6 hours and the coach was packed, every seat taken and every space in the isle too. From Tanga we took a Dala dala (mini bus) down to Pangani, which again had no room spare, I counted 14 actual seats and there must have been at least 20 on that bus! (luckily I managed to hold on to my seat for the 2hour trip). We got to Pangani around 7pm and found a place to ... read more
In the Caves

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani January 25th 2009

After pushing my way out of Dar es Salaam to Lushoto and then to Tanga on a series of hot, slow dalla dallas and buses that seemed to always be on the verge of breaking down -loudly shaking down the road like we were preparing for take off- I opted to stop at the first beachside place that offered camping and call it my home for a couple of days. To save a bit of money I said I sorta had a tent and hoped they wouldn't say anything after I set up my mosquito net under their tent shelter. Everytime I go back to my little gypsy home I expect there to be a note saying that my 'tent' isn't adequate and I need to rent one- but so far so good. When people ... read more
'Pepi' our cruiser
The nets ready and waiting
The beautiful Indian Ocean

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani November 3rd 2008

After our safari, we took a 9 hour bus ride to Tanga and then headed down the coast to Pangani and then onto Ushongo where we spent 3 days walking & cylcing along the deserted beaches - a really lovely place, go before it's like Benedorm.... read more
Tanga side street
Sewing in the street
Ferry across the river, Pangani

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani October 16th 2008

After a rather entertaining evening involving a tent earthquake and some very drunk truck members we set of for a long drive across Tanzania towards the coast. Due to the miles between Arusha and Dar Es Salaam we stopped over night in a town called Pangani. Not much to say except the water was brown and the beer was warm......... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani September 30th 2007

We're all packed up and ready to go! The suitcases are all lined up in rows in the living room and this morning we are going to worship in Moshi to say farewell to the brethren there and then George will be driving us up to Arusha where we will visit with the congregation there this evening and stay the night with Cy & Stephanie before getting up Monday morning to catch the 7AM bus to the airport in Nairobi, Kenya. The adventure home begins... Safari Njema will be the phrase for the day... "Have a good Journey!" Timothy came by to say a more personal good bye last night and dropped off the plans that he had drawn up for the proposed school building out in Boma Ngombe, so we will have those with us ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Pangani February 9th 2007

We traveled this last week down to the Tanga region and while we where there, we were able to walk around and take a historical tour of the Pangani coastal village. Settled just North of Dar es Salam along the Indian ocean off the eastern coast of Tanzania. The largest town near Pangani is called Tanga, which is about 47km away. We have a church that meets in Tanga, but we were unable to locate it while we were there but no church of Christ meeting in Pangani. In fact the locals said that there are no Europeans, Americans, and very few other nationalities of any kind living in Pangani proper... They said maybe one Indian family and that was all that they could think of. Since we have returned home we've located the phone number ... read more
The holding area... for slave trade
The coast line at Night
Wooden D-how awaiting the local fishermen

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