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November 18th 2012
Published: November 18th 2012
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Hi all, we'll its been 6 months since I did any work travel so here I am back in Tanzania with my colleague Mark - tomorrow we will be teaching our managers a course called Managing Safely, a great big leap on building our health and safety culture within the company - very exciting ( if you like that sort of thing)

The flight in was verity bumpy the turbulance was so bad the plane kept dropping it scared the hell out of me - I made it though and had a short sleep before heading out to the pool to chill out and catch the sun - oh how I have missed the sun 😊 my colleague then pointed to what looked like a weasel, so me ever ready with the internet at my side I looked up the little creature to discover it was a dwarf mongoose, mongoose like snakes so that means there are snakes around - hmmmm explains why the cats are missing.

Off to go and work through the training materials with my colleague

Take care




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