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June 24th 2011
Published: June 24th 2011
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it was exam day today, they were shaking with nerves and as evil as it sounds it was good to see - I know then that with all the fun that they have had that they are going to take it seriously... one gentleman came in shaking like a jelly in an earthquake, I sat him down and asked him how he was doing " I am good" he told me " I am prepared" so I continued

"ok so you have come into the room and discovered Suitbert lying on the floor, what are you going to do?" he proceeded to ask me if he was breathing so I said "I dont know? why dont you assess him" which he did and he was doing great until .... he gave Suitbert two breaths - eeeek!!!! at which point I stopped him and asked him to sit down, he then blamed me for not telling him that Suitbert was breathing.... hmmmm, I suggested he went into the waiting room to read his notes and then maybe later have another try. He came back later and retook it and passed but not before telling everyone in the group who continued to
Mike coming through the doorMike coming through the doorMike coming through the door

look at the excitement on their faces, they loved Mikes blood and gore
make fun of him - the poor lad.

Mike loves the blood and gore so everyone really loved it when he covered casualties in tomato ketchup for the test, in fat once everyone had left I spotted Juster walking around talking about the sausage and the ketchup (the finger and the blood) on several occassions.

Before I left I said goodbye to my wifey Elizabeth in the cuddle cabin and she asked me if I had a gift for her, I apologised and said no.

Here are the pictures of Dar es Salaams newest and finest First Aiders... I am off to pack my stuff to head for Kampala, Uganda.

till Kampala


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