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June 23rd 2011
Published: June 23rd 2011
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Whilst on territory you have to go through a body search upon leaving for the day, generally the men get a far bigger grilling than the women. Over the last week Elizabeth has been the female security guard who has invited me into the security building or what I have started to call it – “the cuddle cabin” she calls me in there, she hugs me, slaps my bum, kisses me on the cheek and tells me she loves me ... so I respond with “I love you too sweetie and I will see you tomorrow for another cuddle” ahhhh how sweet, at least, thats what I thought each day (and I still do really) until I learnt about her tribe from Suitbert and Eustoe when we popped out to get ingredients to make fake blood. (as you do).

The Kurya Tribe – they are from the north of Tanzania and their tribal ways are a bit different to what we would find acceptable. An elder woman who has remained childless may marry another woman, not for sexual reasons as lesbianism is illegal but because she wants that woman to have her babies by her husband of which she may have many (husbands). Are you with me still?.... once married to either man, woman or child (elder woman marry girls who are very young) a husband is expected to beat his wife to show his love! If he does not beat his wife then the wife may report him to the elders and divorce may be imminent!

Now should this concern me that Elizabeth is expressing love for me? ....

Suitbert, the HSE manager for Tanzania came to the hotel for dinner tonight and brought his family, his lovely wife and beautiful son Godwin, it was a pleasure to meet them. The guys have their first aid exams tomorrow and I had no luck getting ingredients for making fake blood earlier so I “borrowed” a bottle of ketchup from the hotel ... that should do it!

Wish them all luck tomorrow


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