Day Six - Zululand

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August 2nd 2012
Published: June 28th 2017
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Lookout TowerLookout TowerLookout Tower

Sunrise at a lookout tower in Mkuze
Geo: -27.6337, 32.2593

I write this at 6.45pm, repacking my pack, in the Zulu wilderness, awaiting a 7.30pm dinner. My notebook has been damaged, soaked with mysterious stains, yet the previous entries are still just, barely legible.

Today was a simple, yet enjoyable day spent entirely within Mkuze. Breakfast was around 9.30AM at a Bird Hyde not too far from camp, where we sheltered from the winds with some Hippos and Pelicans resting nearby. The remainder of the day to come, would provide much more spectacular animal viewing.

We spent 2x 2hour sessions at a Hyde constructed over a waterhole in the Mkuze wilderness. This was an ideal and spectacular hidden spot to view all sorts of wildlife coming down for a drink. Raised just a couple metres off the ground and above the pool, you would get within metres of any animals that were thirsty, that is, if you kept quiet enough (a difficult concept for many to understand apparently...). Our first viewing in the afternoon, treated us to close encounters with Zebra, Warthog, Wilderbeast and Impala, along with many exotic species of birdlife. The dusk session proved to be even better! Previous animals returned for a drink with new associates. Giraffes

Holding a turtle shell? Dosn't look too happy? haha
squatted cautiously and carefully with spreak legs, reaching their long necks down for a drink. A large warthog male slept under the hyde, and a giant white Rhino came for a drink. He literally came within two to three metres of touch, cautiously drinking, snorting and searching for the sounds of noisy lookers on. Such an exhilerating feeling, to be so close to such a strong and powerful creature.

Squeezed between those viewings, we took a dip in the pool, which was icy cold. Watching on were a pack of curious and friendly Crested Guinea fowl, grazing nearby. Dinner was bangers and mash, the sausages being Impala meat.

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The Water Hole Hyde!The Water Hole Hyde!
The Water Hole Hyde!

Where animals of all kinds come to drink!
Some red WarthogSome red Warthog
Some red Warthog

Just a different colour :)
Big Male WarthogBig Male Warthog
Big Male Warthog

Resting right under us, against the support beams of the hyde
Close Up WarthogClose Up Warthog
Close Up Warthog

Good looking pig!
Rhino Time!Rhino Time!
Rhino Time!
Bling in the HydeBling in the Hyde
Bling in the Hyde

You can see how close the rhino is getting
No ZoomNo Zoom
No Zoom

You can see just how close he got

26th August 2012

Bling looks worried. Do rhinos like toy monkeys?

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