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August 1st 2012
Published: June 28th 2017
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TC the friendly domestic cat at our camp in Swaziland
Geo: -27.6337, 32.2593

Breakfast this morning in Swaziland was at 7am. I enjoyed a morning stroll (with TC the cat at my heels) taking in the views, and photographing the sunrise over the spectacular mountainscape.
We set off for our final stop in Swaziland, a craft market. The store owners here were particularly desperate and pushy. Whilst there must have been in excess of thirty stalls, we only managed to get through three before having enough, collecting a few bits and pieces, statuette and a painting. The owner at the third store, Gibson, was desperate to sell us a coaster set. His negotiating skills left a tad to be desired. After showing some interest in these hand painted stone coasters at 250 Rand, he went to war with himself in negotiations before we could get a word in.. 250, 200, for you 190, 170, 160, 120, 110, 100. We escaped, discussed and agreed to buy. Returning, he continued to bargain down before we could even speak.. 90! We just left him the 100.

We passed through the capital city of Mbabane and Mbaze before heading reaching the Southern Border with South Africa. There were a number of billboards around, attempting to raise awareness of

This cat followed us everywhere!!
AIDS and encourage safe sex. I'm not sure that the public advice that circumcision removes the risk of AIDS transmission was entirely accurate or helpful though.The border crossing back to South Africa was as painless as entry. Lunch on the otherside was tasty Kudu and Impala burgers.

Next we arrived in KwaZulu-Natal, Zululand. Getting on some dusty, bumpy roads and entering the large Mkuze Game Reserve. We took an evening game drive, but there was little animals on show. Our accomodation was quite impressive, permenant tents, with attached showers and bathroom. The awesome thing about this camp, is its unfenced, open to visits from wild animals. Nyala and Impala can be easily and frequently seen grazing among the tents, and leopards and hyena have also been seen around (but are shy to human contact). Dinner was very tasty warthog meat in front of a campfire as Nyala grazed nearby. This was to be arguably my favourite accomodation on tour.

Additional photos below
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Bling SwazilandBling Swaziland
Bling Swaziland

Bling poses for photos before we depart our Swaziland camp

The Capital City of Swaziland

Numerous, but clearly ineffective..
Swaziland HomesSwaziland Homes
Swaziland Homes

A few snaps of Swaziland homes taken from the truck
Swaziland FlagSwaziland Flag
Swaziland Flag

Flying high at the border crossing
Lunch Stop!Lunch Stop!
Lunch Stop!

Lunch time just outside the border
Zulu HomesZulu Homes
Zulu Homes

Zulu homes, entering Zululand
Weird PlantWeird Plant
Weird Plant
Mkuze Reserve AccomodationMkuze Reserve Accomodation
Mkuze Reserve Accomodation

Permenant Tented Accomodation
Nyala NeighborNyala Neighbor
Nyala Neighbor

These antelope were frequently found around our campsite
Vervet Monkeys!Vervet Monkeys!
Vervet Monkeys!

24th August 2012

The billboard that said "Im taking a stand against HIV by been circumised" was just another example!
26th August 2012

Go Blinger!

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