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June 25th 2010
Published: June 29th 2010
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Baboons Baboons Baboons

Stole someone's wallet Picture by Hal Weitzbuch
Today we planned to head to Mossel Bay for our Garden Route road trip for the Rd of 16 game in port Elizabeth. I woke up at 8 am today and hopped into a car for a good 4 hours. At the beginning of the drive I was dying form a massive headache which I attributed to tlast nights debauchery combined with the lack of being able to grab breakfast since we were in a rush. After about an hour of enduring a massive headache and hunger we stopped at a small grocery store/café where I picked up a quiche, carrot muffin, mango juice, 3 apples, and some billatong beef jerky to satisfy my hunger for all about 30 rand! That’s approximately a litte over 4 dollars! What up!!!!!

During the road trip (we were taking two different cars) we made a few stops for food/gas and to play some soccer and even came across some baboons. Don’t worry we made sure our doors were locked! A new rule was instilled for me, it was decided that whenever the “Welcome to Africa” song by Shakira came on I had to dance for the entirety of the song. A very fun rule for everyone else haha. Lucky for me the car that I was not in had the auxiliary Ipod connection and not my car so I was not dancing the entire trip. We mainly played the juggling game 1-2-3.

When we arrived at Mossel Bay it looked pretty decent. We dropped out stuff at the hostel and went to find a nice spot to grub. We found a nice restaurant on the beach that served some AWESOME seafood for real cheap. I got some calamari, fish and others got giant prawns, mussels, and ostrich. After an awesome lunch/dinner we headed downstairs of the restaurant to a “Beach Bar” which took their name serious. The floor of the bar was sand throughout the entire restaurant/bar and it was right on the beach. At the beach bar we watched the Portugal/Brazil game, which was very disappointing.

After the game we did a little Internet Mochen at an internet café. At the café I checked my email sent a precautionary goodbye email to my family since I was planning on doing Bungy Jumping the next day and checked my facebook. I was very surprised to find a video that Sunny and Reena posted, which made me miss home. Can’t wait to kick it with you guys again. Also the video made me realize how chocolate deprived I am… =/ To end the night the Bufanas (boys) decided to hit up the casino nearby and do a little gambling and watch the evening game (Spain/Chile). It was definitely a good night/day.


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