Back to Capetown SA - Down the Penninsula to the Cape!

Published: June 9th 2017
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Our guide Clayton drives us to the Cape of Good Hope which is within the Table Mountain National Park and is the most SW point of Africa. A quick trip up the Flying Dutchman Furnicular brings people to expansive views, rich vegetation, and the Point lighthouse. Chris captures an image of a Malachite sunbird drinking from the flowers.

There are posted baboon signs and a couple of the large animals are running on the pavement. Africans brought in ostriches and their numbers have increased. Their young continually eat grasses road side.

Back in Cape town a new day leads us to Long Street, which is a disappointment with shabby shops and many beggars. The outdoor vendors at the Green Market charge as much as the V & A so we simply return to the waterfront for a cleaner and safer experience. An explosion resonates while walking and we guess that it is dynamite being used in construction, or so we hope.

We think South Africa has beautiful scenery, mountains, animals, and best of all ...... people. However, out of all the places along the journey, this is definitely the most uneasy we have felt while travelling, and there are daily reminders that make one uncomfortable and watchful.

*Note: A news update has alerted us to the fact that we left South Africa just at the right time. The area has been hit with one of the worst storms in decades. Lightning has caused fires, and severe winds have fanned the flames which has caused the evacuation of 10,000 people and the death of nine.

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