Kruger National Park and some solid golf around South Africa...

Published: November 15th 2020
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Here we are, it has been 5 full weeks we are back in South Africa and it feels so good to be back! Yes, there is home, the diving, the golf, but also amazing wine and food! This is my own little paradise found!

The country has now opened, or is in the process to open to anybody with a negative covid test. So at least we know it will be easier to go in and out in the near future. The second wave of Covid hasn't hit yet here. Not sure if and when it will happen, but we are ready to stay home if we need to! December being the school holidays month here, I also plan that we stay mainly home for most of the month. So after spending few weeks at home, the month of November will be all about going around the country.

So first a little road trip. We started by driving to the Drakensberg to play golf at Champagne golf resort. Played here years ago, the course is gorgeous! Next, on to Nelspruit, the gate to the Kruger National Park. I have been in and out of South Africa for over 10 years, but never made it into the park. I played golf at Leopard Creek...bordering the parks with some great views....but this time, we have two full days of self-driving our little Kia car into the biggest park of South Africa.

Enjoy the pictures. We spotted the big five, but never encountered Simba the lion king! We had a total of 4 leopards....with one walking not that far away from us...but too hiding the the high grass for a cool picture. The lioness were a group that we met the first morning. Always cool! Took us more time to spot us the rhinos...we actually got them only 30 minutes before leaving the park the second day...but here they were.

We spotted twice wild dogs....they may be ugly, but I never saw so many of them. Had also 3 different encounters with hyena. Sadly, we never met the cheetah....well, there is always a next time! So you guess it, we had a fabulous time. In the middle, we stay on the door of the camp, at the Protea Kruger Gate....super nice room, but I forgot to take pictures. Yes it was long days...for some, not seeing something for 20 minutes can look like an eternity...but we have no problem to clock 10 hours self game drive per day. I can't do a week of safari....but two days full time are just great!

Next was a beautiful drive of nearly 5 hours from Nelspuit to Polokwane. It's fun, we don't have any of our neighbors who did it. Went up above 2000 meters....and you can drive 80km without seeing any village! That evening was spent just outside of Polokwane. Next 2 days, I would play Euphoria golf course, Koro Creek, twice Elements and finally Zebula golf course. Yes, that's 5 rounds in 2 days. But it is cheating as 4 of them were with a golf cart...and there was nobody on the golf courses.

last morning, drive to Pretoria...little shopping and mall lunch, drop the car at Joburg to Durban, drive home...and it was a wrap...another great trip to discover South Africa. I have now play 67 of the top 100 golf courses of the country...and we have visited all the main National Parks...

Next trip...coming soon...this time South to back home...

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