Photos from Timbavati Nature Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa, Africa

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Brutus on Safari
Well fed Lion
Carcass of Buffalo
One more sunset
Please hit the snooze button
We love Safari
Never enough Giraffes
Colorful bird
Not to be trifled with!
African Buffalo
Our tent
Grand Hornbill
Rhino says goodbye
White rhino with company
Large bull elephant
Dang monkeys
So tall and graceful
Thirsty elephants
Dave and Merry Jo
Termite mound
Sunset in Africa
Warthog... weird and wicked looking
Game drive vehicle
African eagle
Getting a drink
Beautiful birds everywhere
Woke up and walked behind our vehicle
Giraffe drinking
Why did the impala cross the road?
Hyena scoping out the territory
Inside our tent
Mbongeni and Thalbo
Nhlaralumi River
Another Kudu
Getting curious about our visit
A bit blurry.. darn
Strange looking animals
Simbavati River Lodge
Night Safari
Sunset drinks
Bachelor group of lions
Waking up!
Lion on guard
Sing with us
Lilac Breasted Roller
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