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September 2nd 2018
Published: September 3rd 2018
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Slept pretty well considering the hour we got in here. There was no car for us at the airport but got a taxi which was cheaper than quoted by the hotel and got us here in no time.

Woke up around 0830 so decided to stay up and do breakfast seeing it was included in the room price. Got down there just after 1000 as breakfast was due to finish at 1030. No sign of that end time, as more and more people filtered in after 1030 and the food kept on coming out. Good brekky, we filled up before the fight so we didn’t need to do lunch.

Went back to the room and repacked the bags - again. This time we decided to “lose” some old jocks and socks rather than bring them home in the dirty laundry bag. Now we have more room in the bags as well.

Spoke to the kids, even Stephanie was at Jessica’s so that was good timing. Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh tomorrow night when they pick us up from the airport.

Wander around this huge complex. Into the gardens for a wander. It is a nice balmy day, a few clouds but nothing to put a chill on the day. Then into the entertainment complex. Huge casino, theatres and food area. Wasted some time there then back for a final drink before we leave our room at 1600 and catch their free shuttle back to the airport. We now know our way around this airport quite well, at least the 3rd or 4th time here.

We then have to claim back our VAT (their GST) from our purchases. Issue is we have to show the goods. Sounds like we can do this prior to check in so we can then pack them back in the bags.

Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Find the Customs area and show our goodies and receipts. Stamped and told that we claim once we get past the security and passport control. Check in and the bags are gone. Go to security and passport control. Busier than we have had before, but we get through without a hassle. Then to the VAT claims area. Lots of others with the same purpose. Several people turned away as they didn’t have their receipts stamped. Not happy. The queue is outside the doors so we wait. And wait and wait.

Finally inside and the queue moves slowly. Some people have a huge wad of receipts which they have to manually enter into the computer. Finally get to the man who looks at the receipts. Knocks one back because it is illegible according to him. Not going to argue. Eventually all done, I have to write surname and country on every receipt then he hands me a MasterCard which will be loaded with my claim money in a few days. Only took about an hour or so......

Head off into the airport for some last minute shopping and finally to the airport lounge for a well earned drink.

Onto the plane and into our seats. Chris has one aisle and I am in the middle on an aisle meaning we are sort of beside each other but both sitting next to someone else. Chris asks the guy next to me if he would like to swap seats. No problems, we are now together in the centre seats. Chat with the displaced guy for a while then dinner comes so we eat. After tea, Chris lays her seat down and is off to sleep. I watch a movie then also crash.

We are now officially out of Africa.


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