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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg August 25th 2023

Dear All Greetings, on this my final entry on my amazing journey through South Africa in the summer of 2023. It really was an epic trip, definitely one of the best ones up there alongside recent trips to Japan, Scandinavia and the Galapagos Islands, and I've also been enjoying very much writing up these travel blog entries, re-living all those adventures again! My final few days were spent in and around the country's powerhouse central state of Gauteng, in the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, with a total cumulative population of a staggering 14 million people! It felt quite something to finally be in the beating heart of South Africa after travelling through its regions for so long, almost like an exciting culmination and climax of a highly eventful journey, and my time there certainly did ... read more
Union Buildings
Me and My Guide

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 25th 2022

This morning we packed our bags and headed to the main lodge for breakfast and to settle our final bill. We hated to leave this beautiful place but we had more time coming in South Africa as we were flying to Cape Town to spend the next three days touring the West Cape area. We said "Goodbye" to Andre, the owner of Hippo Lakes, Shaun, our ranger and guide, and the many staff who made our stay pleasant, from the housekeepers to the chef to the bartender who keep us in coffee. We climbed aboard our van for the three hour drive to Johannesburg and arriving said "Goodbye" to our fellow travelers and headed in to get to our next flight. At this point the fun ends as we are told that the airline we are ... read more
Our Tent Key - Rhino 3
Looking across the lake from the lodge toward out tent.

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 19th 2022

The flight from Atlanta, Ga to Johannesburg, South Africa was a healthy 15 hours. This is the longest duration for one flight that we have taken and it seemed to go on and on. We did receive dinner, a snack (a sandwich) and breakfast that helped fill time. There were also numerous movies stored in the TV that could fill more hours. The one thing that we did not achieve was sleep. So by the time we landed in Johannesburg we were tired. The flight was totally uneventful and once again we landed on time. We were staying in a hotel attached to the airport but found that getting there was a healthy hike. Having finally reached the hotel and checked in, I discovered I had left a small but needed item at home and needed ... read more
O. R. Tambo Statue in the Airport

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 4th 2022

Early (ish) start to get taxi to the airport to meet the group who has just arrived from the Uk We met Carole-Anne and Jason (our guides) and the rest of the group came out of the arrivals following an overnight flight We then had a fairly long journey to Blyde River - the early part of the journey went through open strip coal mines and old power stations which were still working although so inefficient and needing repair - part of the reason for this load shedding that goes on. Arrived at Blyde canyon in time for a short before supper in the restaurant. Blyde is a 3rd biggest canyon in the world similar to, but much smaller than Grand Canyon.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 3rd 2022

Today we were collected by Jerome. The two suitcases full of clothes were packed in the back of his van and we headed for Mid-Ennerdale. This is an area in the south-west of Johannesburg. Many informal settlements have grown up in this area and the foundation have a project in one of settlements called the Meriting. Here there is a pre-school, a grannie club, a big area of gardening for growing veg, a sewing room, and a health screening room/clinic. It is a unique and developing project that is helping the local women and children. We took a couple of photos which are below. We then went to ilumala House where 21 girls are expertly cared for by the dedicated staff. We were given a tour of the house and had a great time with the ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 2nd 2022

Things to do in Rosebank on Sunday - the market on the 4th floor car park at the mall. A proper market with loads of South African artists, wood carvers, jewellery, food, spices and only one stall with fake handbags.. some really talented artists showing their work - amazing colours and designs. We then took a Bolt to the Apartheid museum. It’s very difficult to describe the experience - truly emotional and a real education - a fabulously designed building that takes you through the brutality of the separatist and apartheid periods. There’s lots of video footage of speeches and the violence that occurred in the 70s 80s and 90s. We spent about 4 hours there and were totally drained at the end. read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg October 1st 2022

We have decided that Manchester Airport is the pits! We queued to check in baggage with emirates (1 hour 20 mins) , then we queued to go through security - 3 lines open (1hour 10 mins) 😩- then when we thought we might be late for the flight, the flight was delayed so we waited in a soulless room then finally waited for zone F to board - it was last….. 😡 Ok flight, we watched House of Gucci in tandem - I then felt a bit woozy - may have been the very strong g and t but after a bit of sleep we landed in Dubai - short stopover - no idea why people visit this hell hole - las vegas on steroids - and they fleeced us for twenty quid for a coffee, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto June 4th 2022

On our full day in Johannesburg, we embarked in a tour mostly consistent of apartheid significant sights. It was nice not to have one of those ultra early wake up calls, partly because we needed a little extra time to maneuver around our hotel room's quirkiness. It was one of those hotels with the bathroom sink and glass shower in the bedroom. They did provide a partial curtain divider, but it was still awkward and limiting when two people who are not in a naked relationship start trying to get ready in the morning. A drive through Soweto would lead us to visit the houses of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, who lived a short distance from each other in Soweto, although not at the same time. The Tutu house is still occupied so we ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg November 27th 2020

November 27, 2020 LX 288 touched down at Johannesburg International Airport (called Tambo), at 03:55 AM, after a 9:47 hours flight from Zurich. In it were two mighty excited passengers Nui & Nenad. Despite the Covid restrictions everywhere, we managed to squeeze out of Europe and into the summer of the southern hemisphere. As the SWISS Boeing 777-300 ER taxied, we looked how darkness slowly gave way to dawn, and at each other, gave us a big kiss, and said YES !!! we are here. Nenad was previously in several other African countries, but never in Southern Africa, nor the country South Africa. A wish he held for years. And for Nui, this exotic, far away place held so many mysteries and excitements she was eager to discover. Johannesburg the biggest city of the country with ... read more
We are equipped :-)
8758 km South of Zurich
Do you have a Visa mate ???

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg April 15th 2020

I don't believe it's been 5 years since I last posted anything. I guess Life got in the way but I promise travelling never stopped. The current Pandemic got me thinking about what freedom really means, Freedom of movement, freedom of choice , freedom to hug , freedom to decide what and where to eat !!! I never knew what it really meant to live in global community, The Covid 19 really proves how much of a community we really are. Yes we might have boarders that divide us , Yes we might need visas to visit each other depending mostly on which passport you hold ?, if you are from Africa like me then you definitely need a looooot of "visas" hahaha enough shade. The lockdown started in China and I remember watching the news ... read more

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