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September 3rd 2018
Published: September 4th 2018
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Home at last, well, Australia for the moment. Landed in Perth on time. Slept for nearly 7 hours and Chris for over 8 so feeling quite normal. Flight was obviously smooth as it didn't wake us up, only the steward when he asked if I wanted breakfast.

Through customs then the Border Control. We declared that we had some woodwork and had been in dirty areas. Asked if our boots had been cleaned - Yes, no issues here, didn't even want to look at them. Then the wooden bits etc. Showed them what we had. Mainly interested in some woven baskets we had bought from the cultural village near he gorillas. Sorry, they are made from grass reeds and might contain seeds so either pay $100 to have them de-contaminated or give them up. OK, give them up it is. Bugger.

Out into the Aussie daylight then to the Virgin check in counter. Ask about upgrading using points. Sorry, the ticket was issued by SAA so unable to use points. We can pay about $350 - no thanks. Bags gone and we are back through security once again. Get into the gate area and notice that our flight has been delayed. About 45 minutes due to late arrival from Sydney.... Not much we can do but wait - again.

More delays, which eventually end up an hour later departure than original time. Out of all the planes we have caught in the past 39 days, this is our first delay. Not too bad considering. We tell Jessica as she was picking us up and bringing the kids as well. Still the plan so off we go. Pretty full flight but not too bad. Watch a movie then some TV shows to kill time. Finally we land back in Melbourne.

Get off and as we walk out we spot the kids who have spotted us. Excited grins and the guy in front of us turns and says that someone looks happy to see you. Hugs and cuddles then the obligatory question. What did you bring home for us. Jessica tells them to back off and just be happy that we came home.

More waiting, bags are taking forever, then to the car and back to Jessica's for a quick drink and some more time with the kids. They finally get to bed around 1030 pm, might be late for school tomorrow...

Now we are in our house at last. No kitchen but lots of space to move in. Off to bed now as we have a huge day tomorrow getting ready for the flooring dudes to come on Wednesday (at 0700) to fix and lay floorboards for the new kitchen. Looks like the holiday is well and truly over.


10th September 2018

Home too
Hi, just read your last two blogs. I won't phone until the kitchen is of your minds. I had a good holiday and task welcome back at Mentone

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