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Africa » South Africa » Free State » Clarens December 9th 2020

After another early morning safari we were ready for a change of topic. The Drakenberg mountains were awaiting us with the town of Clarens as our destination for the day. The 200km drive will take us through the Golden Gate National Park. Before we had to drive over the Van Reenen Pass. Named after the little town of Van Reenen, standing guard at the top of this majestic pass, which winds its way through the Drakensberg mountains between Ladysmith and Harrismith along the N3, the main connection between Durban and Johannesburg. Unfortunately, the only record that the pass can lay claim on is, that it is the most dangerous pass in South Africa with the heaviest truck traffic density on any national road. (see the borrowed picture taken during the winter months). However it provides also ... read more
impressive vastness
of fertile ground

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Clarens January 3rd 2019

Settling down and getting used to the travelling lifestyle again was an easy affair in Clarens. We loved our little Gnome Cottage. It was basically a 1-bedroom appartment with a huge garden. There was a corner for the kitchen and a cosy seating area insid next to the bed. The garden was all around with lovely flowers (mainly roses) and an old peach tree with table and chairs underneath. So our daily routine was, getting up early, enjoying the birds chirping while doing our morning meditation underneath the peach tree, having a superhealthy breakfast with fresh fruits lake papaya, mango and melon in the garden enjoying the tranquility and simply being happy. Then it was off to town for a wonderful cup of capuccino or by car to some scenic activities around. We are fans of ... read more
entrance to the Golden Gate National Parc
musicians inside the Basotho Cultural Centre
sipping a selfmade Basotho drink with other centre-visitors

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Clarens January 1st 2019

When we got on the plane in London the 31 of december we were really surprised how packed it was. Never before did we fly into the new year and we always had the idea that flights are empty at that date. How wrong we were. The A380 which brought us to Johannesburg was full, full, full. Not being big fans of huge airplanes and far too many people on a little space we had no other chance than keep going with the situation. The flight was pleasant enough, but we could really not sleep with non stop noise and little space throughout the night. We were really happy when we finally landed in Johannesburg. And here the next surprise: it was pouring down like crazy! Never ever have we experienced such a rainfall in South ... read more
Markus on the road driving
Bundu - the rhino
landscape around Bethlehem

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Clarens May 22nd 2015

The drive to Clarens from Dundee was beautiful. Apart from when we stopped at the gas station and I spilt all of my biltong on the concrete. That hurt man. That cut deep. But anyway, the road to Clarens takes you through the Golden Gate Highlands National Park where for the first time, I was truly blown away by the scenery ahead of me. Red-clay mountains have been eroded beautifully into wonderful rock formations and below the mountains are quaint meadows and quiet streams, flanked by pretty trees whose leaves have turned reddish-brown from the changing of the seasons, matching the red of the cliffs towering above them. It was scenery that you can’t get in New Zealand – the meadows you can find in the South Island, but you’d have to import the mountains from ... read more
Living On The Edge
The Artist’s Cafe
Sentinel Peak

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Clarens March 2nd 2012

Celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary, we decided to head to the mountains! How better to celebrate an adventurous 10 years with a peaceful weekend. Golden Gate Highlands National Park has great options. We love breaking away with the boys. So yes, the boys joined us! March is quite cool in the eastern Free State, especially in the highlands. And lighting the fire were such a treat for the boys! For all of us... The view from our cabin were breathtaking! We could touch the clouds! No really! When we opened the curtains, we had the clouds rolling over our front porch. And the sun were hidden from our eyes behind the thickest clouds. We explored the beautiful surrounding landscape and co... read more

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