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We had both had a good night’s sleep even though the bed was almost as firm as each of the preceding nights we have had since arriving in South Africa just over a week ago. At around 6am all of a sudden the mobile started ringing and at that hour you think the worse from home. Well it didn’t turn out to be anything bad, well at least for us. Rather it was a woman phoning to say she had found our dog wandering past her property and were we aware the dog was missing. After Gretchen took a moment or two to take in what the caller had said she realised that her mobile number is still on the collar of the dog that belongs to our daughter. Gretchen explained we were in South Africa ... read more
The suspension bridge from an other angle
Fellow BBA'er on the bridge
Up the Storms River canyon

Another leisurely start to the day. Bags out and on the bus by 0930. Heading to Port Elizabeth via a few other stops on the way. First stop is at a beach resort called Plettenburg Bay. Steep drive down to the beach where they have a hotel on the waters edge that is in th shape if a ship - sort of. As the tour guide said, it looks like it should be in a James Bond movie. As we watch a whale watching boat is coming into the shore. Big catamaran with lots on board. Flying to the beach, we all say the same thing. He must be going to beach it. Sure enough, straight up into the sand. A guy wheels a stairway out, like a plane and the people climb down. A tractor ... read more

Today I woke up ri the pouring rain falling on the tin roof. As soon as I woke up I could then hear the wind outside. It honestly sounded like we were in a hurricane. I tried and kind of succeeded at falling back asleep but I was still woke before my alarm. Oh well I had gotten a good nights sleep a solid 9 hours, but I sooo was not feelin going to feed animals in the pouring rain. My group and I were on hyenas today so once we got to the restaurant we prepared the meat and grabbed a bottle of water so that we could change it. Someone threw the meat in and another changed the water but I didn't do anything because there wasn't anything for me to do. Then we ... read more

So today was my day off for the week, a bunch (6) of us bungee jumped and went ziplining! We got up at a little before 6 am in order to catch the van because Delano, one of the workers, was taking us to bloukrans bridge, the largest commercial bungee jump in the world! He asked us all if we went to the bathroom because it was a 2 and a half hour drive and one girl is like nahh my bladders a champ! and I was like yeah, mine too, 5 kids and 1 bathroom, you kinda learn to hold it. Then we started off on our drive and I must say the things they have on the radio here are hilarious! On Thursday, they have drunk news, and it just so happened that all ... read more
putting weights on
More pics with the guy
All done!

So today was my first real day of work, and my group and I were in charge of takes lions. For the lions you have to start work by 730 and at that time we had to make a bottle for Joseph, the only Lion who still gets porridge. Once in the lion enclosure Sophie went and fed Joseph while pascal took pictures for her and I was on look out. Pascal asked who wanted to pick up poop and I certainly didn't want to so Natalia did that while I raked the leaves. All we were doing was making he enclosure look nice for tourists. Once the raking is all done you have to dig a hole to bury the leaves I have no idea why we dont just pick them up and throw them ... read more
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

Once we finally left the school I was talking to the head teacher about the shooting in Colorado because she knew I was from the states she mentioned that they don't have mass shootings in south Africa. Yeah they can have gang shootings over turf and stuff but you don't hear about any serial killers or anything. That's mainly in other more developed countries and I began to think about that and how strange that is. And if course the psychology behind such a thing. It would seem that more people in the us have better lives and better means and yet they are more likely to act out against society than others who don't have means. Although I guess they don't really know the other side. I also think that killers like those have something ... read more
Photo 2
Just trying to get a good picture of the view
Just trying to get a good picture of the view

Hey everyone! I just posted pictures to my latest post, so be sure to check them out! As for yesterday, sorry I'm behind, but you'll soon find out why I am so tired and can't stay up to post! Since it was my first day, I didn't have to wake up for the morning feedings, I just had to be to the restaurant for breakfast, I had rice krispies, but they only had full cream milk. gross! Anyway, after breakfast, Tamz, whos in charge of volunteers, led me and the 3 other new volunteers around first we went to the lion enclosure, there are 4 lion cubs that are 9 months old. Their names are Judith, Joseph, Josh, and Jason. Joseph (i think) is the special one. I guess he was the runt of the litter ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

First off, let me begin by saying that the people at Equity are amazing and not just because half of them are signed up for my blog. On my last day of work on Wednesday, Mully, gave me a ginormous flyswatter, 2 toy tigers, a toy lion and a toy snake and some munchkins! Come to find out I was earlier to work that see expected me to be so she made my sister Michelle call me over to her desk to distract me so she could set up my desk. Later on in the day I had everyone I worked with sign my flyswatter. Now they can all cross that off their bucket list. In addition, they threw me a little shindig with my pod (people near me) my friends and people I worked closely ... read more
plane ticket
before take off
south african airways

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