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May 19th 2012
Published: May 19th 2012
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My Journey home started at 4pm Freetown time (5pm UK time) where I was taken to the port and bought a ticket for the ferry for Lunghi which is where the airport is based, whilst sitting waiting for the ferry an elderly gentleman came in and said "are you going to London?" of which I replied yes, he asked if I would post a letter for him - it had a UK stamp on it so I agreed, after he walked off the others in the room told me to open it as I dont know what is in the letter - and of course they are right, it really was stupid of me to agree to take the letter - I guess its just my trusting nature. Thankfully upon opening the letter it only contained a cheque for a substantial amount of money in British Pounds and a note stating that he was going to find someone travelling to the UK to post it - so I decided (in agreement with everyone else in the waiting room that it would be ok to take it) I will post it later today with a note explaining why I opened it.

at 6.45pm I entered the ferry with a lady from the British High commission, after changing seats several times due to engine smells and urinal smells we sat close to a life boat in the event of anything happening, she had lived in Sierra Leone for a year and had another 2 years left, she was enjoying it but not enought to ever emmigrate there. On arrival in Lunghi I was bundled in the coach, the coach driver and his assistant seemed to be having a row with someone and what should have taken 15 minutes actually took 30 minutes!

when I finally got to the airport at 8.30pm my facilitator Abdul met me and took me through the airport, I dashed him $5 for his troubles and waited to board the plane. We landed at 5.40, the police arrested someone so we didnt get off until 6am so thats a 14 hour journey.

Here are my pictures of SL - I have been starved of decent internet for a week so I have been unable to upload anything so enjoy. my next blog may not be for a few months now as I am concentrating on the UK office for a bit

take care



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