One Thing, and I want you to remember this BE YOURSELF

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July 22nd 2012
Published: July 22nd 2012
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I offended someone. I think. The gentleman in question has never actually said he was offended, he forwarded my blog and said “Look what Lisa Kelly wrote about us.” After which two men wrote some rather nasty comments about me. However if they had read the blog properly they would have realised it was NOT about them at all but a general comment about expats globally. As you all know my job is important to me, I love what I do so I decided to delete the “offending” blog and sent an apology to all the men that received the blog. Two men came back and told me not to worry as they enjoyed what I had written as it was accurate.

This incident led to me temporarily closing my entire blog and then making it private and deleting colleagues which saddens me. A new pair of shoes, some chocolate, and a few glasses of wine later and my brain balance was restored.

I started this blog as a way of my family and friends being able to see what I am up to, understand the countries that I am visiting better, to know that Lagos is a fun place full of kind people and that Nairobi is a beautiful growing economy and that the media only shows the bad side of things. It was also to keep memoirs so I don’t forget the amazing adventures that I have been privileged to have whilst working for this company.

However, the blog then took on a life of its’ own. My friends and family received the blog because I put their emails in so they had no choice but complete strangers started reading my blog, I started to have followers and they posted kind comments, our Social Media guru at work said to me I had come out as the top speaker of the company on the internet and all of it was positive and that he hoped I would continue – so this whole issue was a complete blow to me.

I will continue my blog, for the time being it will remain private, those that wish to view it will have to ask permission. Eventually I will open it back up for the world to see once again

I will leave you with this below, I announced the closure of my blog and I received some wonderful kind words from readers which I will share some with you

· I read it

· Me to…

· I like your blog

· I love your blog, it makes me proud to know you

· One thing, and I want you to remember this BE YOURSELF! I like your blog

· I like what you write

· I like how you write from your heart

· Your insightful comments and observations regarding your travels are enjoyed by many, I would say that you are providing a far more important service than you can imagine – it’s not just for the company. We are seeing a different side to the countries that we normally only see, and hear about, via the media. You speak of people you meet in your travels with true love and respect and I really hope you don’t close that down.

Thank you everyone for your support – you don’t know how much it means to me

I love you all for that – keep reading and if you don’t like it – don’t read it!




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