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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor May 28th 2019

Blog 2 Special Day at Windsor Castle – remembering family A short blog as today has been a very special day. We have been thinking about Uncle Alex Robertson’s funeral on Monday in Gympie and then the sad passing of great Aunty Margaret Robertson from Geelong on Monday night aged 92. We decided that we would honour them both in style. Being in Windsor we thought if St George’s Chapel was good enough for the Royal Family then it was the place to light a candle for our special Robertsons. Rest in peace Aunty Marg and Uncle Alex. Special hugs to Aunty Estelle. Love from Leanne and Graham (Photos inside chapel aren't so good. Had to take them sneakily as no photography allowed inside - eyes everywhere!!)... read more
Everyone loves a rose (1)
Gorgeous ceilings
Got to love a great  castle and Windsor is all of that

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Cookham March 22nd 2019

A stroll through the village of Cookham as part of our Thames Valley tour. There are some hidden gems in the UK.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Maidenhead March 22nd 2019

Maidenhead is a lovely town on the River Thames in Berkshire, west of London. You pass through lovely villages and towns, as well as navigating very narrow lanes, just hoping that nought is coming the other way. On some roads, there was evidence of a horse float, but not towed by a car, rather like the size of a bus. One loves GPS Sat Navs and their short cuts (NOT). Maidenhead has a lovely walk available beside the tidal influenced River Thames. Old and new boats as well as ones being repaired, maybe restored, are dotted along the banks of the River.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading December 21st 2018

I decided to book a couple of nights in Reading because we hadn't been there before and it wasn't too far from Heathrow from where we were to fly to Copenhagen. Well I can't really say that I very impressed with what we saw of the town but no doubt the rain didn't help the enjoyment of the place. We did only have one full day there, and for at least half of the day the rain was pelting down. But for us the best thing about Reading was the Reading Musem and the ruins of Reading Abbey, both of which we explored. Because of its Royal patronage, the abbey was one of the pilgrimage centres of medieval England and one of its richest and most important religious buildings. The museum had a great Story of ... read more
A model of Reading as it was in medieval times showing the huge abbey
Part of the Bayeux Tapestry replica
Bayeux Tapestry replica showing Halley's Comet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor September 23rd 2018

Wow! We went to bed last night at 6:30...actually it would be more accurate to say that we passed out AFTER I almost set another small fan (I brought one with me...don’t ask) on fire. I give up—small appliances just do not work in Europe. Sigh. Luckily, I was so tired I didn’t miss its “white noise”. In fact, according to John, this hotel lies on a major flight path out of London. Who knew. I never heard a thing until I woke up at 7ish this morning. Yay me! At any rate, we had a great night’s sleep and were ready to go this morning, albeit slowly. We did wake to rain and cool weather—in the high 40’s. After we had breakfast and then left the hotel to get in a walk around the town, ... read more
Front of our hotel
Dining area of our hotel
John on stairs in older section of our hotel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor September 22nd 2018

Whew! We have had a LOONNGGG day today for sure! I am still running on the sleep I got before I posted yesterday evening. Can you spell “screaming, sobbing and hysterical tantrum”? And that was just the mother of the child who was sweaty and LOUD two rows up and one row over from us on the plane...ALL night long!! That kid has one strong set of lungs for sure and the mother needs anger management courses. It was an experience. We arrived in London at 10:20 making us a 7 hour flight that usually takes 8 hours. We were late leaving the gate in Nashville, and the pilot made up the lost time and then some on the way East. Kim you were is a very long hike from Gate 5 to get to ... read more
Check out the hidden garden in the house below
Jersey Pearl—Front view
Jersey Pearl—Rer view

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Bray June 24th 2018

Michelin Star Count: Today 0; Trip 8 So today we left our humble abode in Bray and travelled to the Cotswolds for a quiet day of walking around. The Cotswolds are a bunch of little country towns with some of the coolest names. Stow on the Wold, Upper Slaughter, Bourton on the Water are the three we spent some time in today. Sweet little villages, leaning a bit to the touristy side but still worth the drive. Wonderful sites on the way. We had a reservation at a pub just outside of Stow that was supposed to do the best Sunday roast in the area. Sunday roast is a big thing here. Beef. Potatoes. Yorkshires. The whole 9 yards. Now the important word in that last sentence was had. Midday Saturday I got an email from ... read more
Steak and Ale Pie
Bangers and Mash
One of the dragons scattered around Kew Gardens

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire May 21st 2018

Well after a quick work out, it was back home to stock up, empty out and for me to take an HGV assessment to see how many lessons I’d need before taking my HGV test. It was an eventful day, we parked up in our good friends Pub Car Park, The Palmer Arms in Dorney but right away noticed something was not quite right. The dash board was going bonkers and the engine was hunting. Everything had been perfect, now this? There was no time to dwell on it as time was getting on. I picked the car up from home and went off to Lorry Land while Lydia walked the dawgs. We reconvened later in the day and after a quick matching of opinions with a mate and confirmation by a kindly AA man, we ... read more
What are doing out there Dad?
A Royal Wedding Breakfast
Wild Graveyard in knowl Hill complete with Ceramic Poppies.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor April 27th 2018

Well we did say it’d go quiet for a while, well it did for sure. The search for the right RV has been more difficult than we ever imagined it would be. But... finally we hit gold. An obscure sequence of events and conversations lead us to a vehicle that we unanimously and almost immediately said, Yes!! This is the one for us. We are in no rush so we left it with a workshop, cue’d the music (as they say on Top Gear) and left to start buying toys to help us on our travels. I’ll leave it there for now and do a more detailed post when we finally take delivery. That should be very soon so please do watch this space...... read more
The Ruff Mobile

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor December 26th 2017

So we got back to the UK, safe and sound. It was a great trip back and so nice to have booked all the Hotels en-route. Ibis all the way, cheap, clean, good food, and secure parking. Good job too with our life, or at least part of it packed into the back of the Pick Up. So Christmas has come and gone, a lovely Christmas at that, spent with my beautiful daughter Emily and her lucky boyfriend Alex, in thier new home. Brilliant!! Thinking of our Melampo Friends, it appears they all had a good Christmas too... As for our new home, Motorhome that is, well we've decided that our vehicle of choice will be an American RV, not a massive half mile long thing, but just something that big enough to be comfortable for ... read more

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