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Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown November 9th 2015

Zik dropped me off at the hotabah lodge on route to his work at christian aid, only a short distance away and invites me back depending on what the next couple of days hold. After joining up with olwa truck we head to the Guinea embassy to apply for visas (inflated price of $200), and make plans to apply for Mali visa asap after Guinea approval, in case our permit to pass a closed border between guniea and coted'voire continues not to materialise. I spend the rest of the day getting SIM card, contacting couch surfers who offered me to stay, and mingle around the markets in PZ district, that evening group meal in local restaurant to get to know tour group, next day 10/11/15 i meet up with Alusine Csurfer) while in town withdrawing cash ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown November 8th 2015

arrival in Freetown and after some health forms & temp checks for Ebola screening it was time to face my fate armed without a visa receipt, they didn't like it,one of a group of chinese guys had made the same omission though I think a bribe sent him on his way fairly quickly. I was left with the unsurprising option by head of immigration (on the day) to pay 120usd for a new receipt, after a short wait I was allowed to return to the airport with a paper copy of the receipt in exchange for my passport, knowing full well there must be a printer in here somewhere, we ( legendary sweed Daniel) had 3 hours to kill anyway,i left Dan with the luggage in a relaced position talking to the most friendly airport security, ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown November 8th 2015

After a car switch as his sports car was going into a garage for repair with a friend, Zik has been an awesome host, we drove a decent circuit of Kissy and then rerouted back to his apartment, his neighbourhood and friends are all super friendly much like everyone else in this wicked part of the world, I took a wash after arriving and have spent the rest of the day talking, sleeping(everyone here like myself flying was up all night alternatively celebrating the all clear from ebola, there's a good energy in the air, blogging & we've been for a drive and a walk along the beach in Aberdeen district. Zik has the super sport channel, every European football competition in one place, every kickoff live, whole city is football loopy. Fish stew and rice ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 21st 2013

At some point this day or the day before, Danny DeVito got a text from the President's people requesting to meet the Marathon ladies. Mark was offended so went back to Makeni and Em, Martha and I got very excited that he wanted to see us again. Mondays seem to regularly start in Freetown. We went to a place called Arabika to work – another place that Danny DeVito owns. It had wifi so we were able to get on with some work. I also had a lunch meeting with the man himself who has decided to be an official Marathon sponsor and donate all the chickens required for when the international runners are here! What a great man! We tried to get to the Hash early to make sure we had sign ups for the ... read more
The bridge on the way to Makeni
More head carrying

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 17th 2013

Right – I am getting busier and this is getting harder so very sorry for the brief updates. Perhaps I can do 2 in 1 to play catch up! Monday another day in Freetown and I spent the day working. In the evening was another night at the Hash, again I stayed behind as my foot was still giving me grief, but I chatted to the Mismanagement committee while everyone was out on the run – I really need to suss out the Hash in London and get involved there. There are a couple of runners coming out from the Hash in London so maybe that is my lead in. When we got back we heard the horrific news about the Boston Marathon. Very sad story and just a week before London. One of our security ... read more
Anyone need some careless driving lessons?
Average road craziness!
Watch us jump!

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown May 13th 2013

Monday started in Freetown again – went back to Flash to tidy up after the party and take advantage of the wifi! Later on in the day we went to the Hash which this week started at Danny Devits's house. Each week it starts at a different location. Because my foot still hurt from a couple of weeks ago, I looked after the house and his monkey whilst everyone was out on the run. He has a little monkey called Sheeta. She is on a chain which is sad in a cage, but since we have met her, Danny has kindly lengthened the chain as she seems to enjoy her little life. She never gets locked in the cage so she hides in there when she is scared, and other times she wonders around as far ... read more
Danny DeVito's baseball cap collection!

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown April 29th 2013

I wish I could pinpoint how Africa captures and fascinates me. Maybe it's because the pace of everyday life is much slower here so you have the time to notice the small things. I've found myself noticing everythingand at the risk of sounding Disney, Africa is beautiful and it inspires me so much. Sure, there are dark histories and current life-threatening circumstances but the people here seem to draw strength from that and they really want to advance and learn. Sierra Leone is different to Kenya but I can't pinpoint that one either. To me this place is like some strange dream alternate reality but to the people who live here, this is their life. And now my life to a certain degree. The only difference is that I have a means of escaping it if ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown April 17th 2013

Dear All, Thank you again to those who have written. It is great to hear from home. We last blogged in Dakar, whilst staying with an ex-pat friend, and we are now in a similar situation in Freetown, staying with an old school friend of Jo, Lynn and Tim, who have been looking after us royally! thank you! We are spending a few days in the city before heading to Masanga at the weekend. Jo has been trying to meet as many of the four physios that work in Sierra Leone as possible, and we have visited the national rehabilitation centre and the military equivalent, as well as doing a few touristy things, and we have met a whole bunch of interesting people so we are feeling up to speed with politics, mining, religion, traffic laws, ... read more
The Guinean letter
The ferry que!

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown April 10th 2013

Woohoo – Week 5 started with my birthday! Thanks for all the wishes I saw on Facebook! It was really nice to see them all! Just a norma day in the office turned into an interesting time at the Police Station. Em called me as she was down their reporting her camera stolen. The police wanted a witness so I toddled off down there. When I got there, they had already taken Emma's statement and someone next to her was giving s tatement on a different matter overhead Emma and admitted he was in a cell overnight with a guy who was boasting about how he had stolen a camera off someone in Mems on Saturday. Fortunately for Emma, this witness gave a statement and the police were happy they knew who it was and they ... read more
My birthday cake
Justin & the Head Teacher of one of the schools

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown March 25th 2013

So – Monday in Freetown! Mark and I headed out to seek out more accommodation for the international runners to stay in the night before they head home. In the evening we headed to the Hash – The Drinking Club with a Running Problem. Apparently there are Hash Harrier groups all over the world, and seeing as they are all keen runners, we thought they were a prime target for our marathon promotion. What an amazing experience! So there are runners and walkers, and for totally social reasons (yeah right!) I joined the walkers group so I could chat to people. Every week they start in a different location. The runners have trails left out for them and the walkers have a leader. Halfway around, someone has carefully planned a water stop (cold water!) and we ... read more
The petals!!!
The President of the Sierra Leone Olympic Committee
Mark counting money!

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