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May 26th 2007
Published: May 26th 2007
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Hey everyone,

Sorry its been a while, i have been keeping busy out here leading dives and hanging out with megafauna. We work 14 hour days here and don't get much of a weekend, but the diving and the people make it worthwhile. last week on the safety stop of a LIT dive i was leading, we spotted a 13 ft. manta ray cruising by. Other than diving me and karen the other intern have been busy preparing lesson plans for community work with the international school kids. I will be off to Curieuse island next week to lead my first satellite camp which should be interesting, i've got a good group of EM's to keep me company though, and we will be doing some diving over there. I've sent some pictures of diving, staff, and the occasional partying that goes on around base. i hope you are all well and enjoying whatever it is you're up to these days. in a month or so this whole adventure will be over and i look forward to seeing you all when i get back.

until then,


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27th May 2007

when the hell u comin home so we can go out for Dinnner?
30th May 2007

paul markey!!!!!!!!!
hey stranger, long time no see, would love to hear about your travels and catch up if possible. my e-mail is AROCK84@MSN.COM. keep me posted! much love, dreA
1st June 2007

Hey if you like it out there you would love Lubbock, TX. Hahaha, you know as well as I do you are in paradise and I am in po-dunk town. I have one more year till I graduate. I am visiting Denver on July 4th, maybe you will be back by then. Let me know. But hey, that is quite an experience you are having; Soak it up while it lasts. Take care, Eddie Valls
7th June 2007

Hey Paul! It's good to hear that you are safe and still having a rockin time! I miss you but I am glad you are having fun. Lots has changed in my life since I last saw you but we can catch up when you get back! Love the pretty skirt =) Lindsay

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