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Africa » Seychelles » Mahé January 7th 2020

Imagine, by the end of this week, it will be already 4 months that we settled in the Seychelles! But before this, allow me to wish you and all your families an Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020! May it be a wonderful years for all where we keep visiting our little planet, understand and meet others...and believe that all those populists on earth should not lead those with an open mind to lower grounds! So four months already on our small island of 65,000 souls! So far, so good! Well, I have to admit, it feels good to be able to get out from time to time. I don't think I could survive on a small island for a continuous 12 months! But so far, love the way we are doing it! I'm ... read more
So Seychelles...
It is becoming a tradition...I'm Santa out on Christmas Eve morning!

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé October 29th 2019

Here we are...on the move again. Actually a slightly different one. Tanya has been appointed in the management team of one of the top resorts in Seychelles. So as of mid September, Seychelles became our new home. We left with over 200kg of bags...and will still keep our base in South Africa for now. As of me, I'm now becoming what you call a "plus one". Madame is working and I'm taking care of the home. I can see few of you smiling at those words! I have to admit, for the last two and half years, our lives in South Africa has been a dream. Great friends, great people, great diving, great golf, amazing food and wine...and a nice place on the beach...what would you ask for me?!? So the plan was to go for ... read more
Flying eagle rays....
Welcome to the Seychelles...
Lovely dinner at the resort...

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé March 2nd 2019

(SC) Hello again and greetings from the Seychelles, We're here for 10 days only, begining on Mahe (the main island), where we are staying in a delightful little 3* hotel right on the beach. We hired a car at the airport and so far have checked out our immediate neighbourhood: Beau Vallon. Delightful with a long beach of white sand, palm trees and really warm water.. We have also investigated the "smallest capital in Africa": Victoria. Interesting but plenty of traffic for what is little more than a small market town with some interesting colonial architecture. Today we toured right around Mahe checking out the beaches. There aren't that many as it is mainly a rocky coast but those that are there are simply delightful. See pix.. We believe that this travel blog site is working ... read more
Tropical island typical view - with CJC
Steve goes rock climbing
Another west side beach

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 19th 2017

July 19, 2017 - Today I left around 9:30 am and talked a bit to Claude before getting out to the bus. When I got to the road, I saw the bus pull away. Such a bummer. No way to know when it will come. It took half an hour for the next one. I took the bus to Victoria and then asked the drier which bus to take to Port Launay, where I could see a waterfall. He told me to stay on the bus, drove a few feet forward, then pointed out the place to board the right bus. And the right bus was just pulling up. The bus drove through the San Souci area, a lot of that within the national park, and there was a lot of beautiful forest to see. When ... read more
A misty national park
From the bus
From the bus

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 18th 2017

July 18, 2017 - Got up a little earlier this morning. I decided to go for a hike along the coast, and wanted to start before it was too hot, though I'm not sure it is ever really cool enough to be comfortable. I left around 8:30 and only had to wait 10 minutes for the bus. I had to switch buses at Beau Vallon, and the bus I needed was already there. But before I could get off the bus, it had pulled away. Such bad timing. I could either start walking, or wait. I waited. It took about half an hour for the next bus to come along. I took the bus to the end, and that is the start of the trail. There is even a sign and everything. A German couple also ... read more
On the hike
On the hike
On the hike

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 17th 2017

July 16, 2017 - This morning I had to wake up at 5am, so of course I was waking up all night long to check the time, and finally got up at 4:56am. I finished packing and had a little bit of breakfast - some toast with butter and jam - at Harry's. He drove me to the airport, leaving just before 6am, which I was sure was too late for a 7:30am flight. I checked in quite quickly, and then had to get into a long line for passport control. It was twenty minutes before boarding , and I was getting nrevous. As I stood there, I saw Reese, the kid I met yesterday, wandering around and looking at the line. His flight was at 7:05, and there was far more concern that he would ... read more
From the bus
Beau Vallon beach by bus
Beach by bus

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 17th 2017

July 17, 2017 - I did not sleep well. It was quite warm, and around midnight, I could hear dogs barking. A lot of dogs. And there was some sort of weird clicking sound. I tried ear plugs but I think the ones I had in reach were a little too old. Will have to change them out tonight. For breakfast I made ramen noodles again. All I had, really. I used the internet, as it was back to working again. I got ready for the day, which meant packing my day pack with camera, water, etc. I finally left around 10am and just as I got to the bus stop, the bus showed up. Such timing, as I think it only comes every half an hour or so. It only took about twenty minutes to ... read more
Victoria Market
At the market
Hindu temple

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé June 24th 2016

Well we had almost zero Internet access on the cruise, and now we're back on land in Mahe island at a lovely hotel, which does have access in the lobby. All in all this blog hasn't worked out too well, but maybe I can send some more thoughts, impressions from Paris where we'll be spending the weekend on the way home. Can say it's been a wonderful experience, and I'm sorry we couldn't shar it better. On to Paris!... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé February 7th 2016

Seychelles 1-13-2016 Praslin va La Digue islands Sang nay toi thuc dau luc 4:30AM toi tap the duc roi bat dau lai xe di xem phan con lai cua dao nam ve phai cua dao. Con duong di cong queo vong vo hep nen nguy hiem nhung rat dep. Toi chua that con duong canh bo bien nao dep nhu con duong nay. Dep hon duong Hana road in Maui. Toi di den cuoi doan duong vat re ve Ferry de di chuyen 11:45 di dao La Digue. Tu Praslin den La Digue mat 15’. Toi den dao La Digue luc 12PM. Dao nay chi co xe dap va taxi. Khong co xe bus. Toi muon xe dap de di doc theo bai bien va noi day co nhieu doan duong dat cay coi va up ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé August 23rd 2015

Seychelles is one of the most desirable couple destinations in the world. This beautiful pearl of the Indian Ocean is an international magnet for romantics, honeymooners, and families. The idea a solo traveller should be in their midst has thrown my fellow European holidaymakers into a spin, and some of the reactions I've received over the course of the last fortnight are hilarious. Couples walk along the beach and suddenly stop by my towel in deep conversation; European ladies face their bikini bodies towards me and preen themselves for minutes on end; and couples at restaurants simply race to sit next to me. Who is this strange person, where is his partner, and what on earth is he doing here? It's great fun and I've noticed many Russian comrades in bikinis at Beau Vallon beach, with ... read more
Clock Tower in Victoria
Moyenne Island views
Who's a pretty boy!

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