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June 17th 2007
Published: June 17th 2007
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Hey everyone!,

hope all is well in the states, i will be joining you back there in a few weeks now. Phase 12 here in seychelles is winding down. we have spotted a few more whale sharks since i last wrote you. the biggest was just over 7 metres (~25 ft). and my week on curieuse island was also a highlight although it was a bit crazy because i was in charge of a group of 4 volunteers on a remote island. while we were over there we were busy building the house which will eventually house the new GVI seychelles expedition, sea turtle tagging (i caught and tagged my first hawksbill) , and i led four dives throughout the week. On my dive friday morning the visability was crystal clear and we saw 11 White tipped reef sharks and 5 spotted eagle rays on my two dives. i came up feeling very relaxed and a bit NARCed from leading back to back hour long dives, but i can think of worse ways to spend a friday morning. I havn't had much time off this weekend b/c saturday we were leading a youth dive course that is new on the island and designed to get local kids (12-14) in the water and certified as PADI scuba divers. We havn't done any diving with them yet just basic skills and snorkeling at Port Launay. Last night was the ten week bbq which was delicious and there was plenty of the local rum punch to go around. i spent the majority of my day today recovering from a sligh hangover while having sponges hurled at my head. I will explain; we worked a booth at the SUBIOS kids fair where we have a large board with a hole cut out and we stick our heads through while the kids throw wet sponges at us. It is suprising how much the seychellois love to toss sponges at white kids and every year we earn the most money out of all the booths. ( we raised around 400$ which goes to breast cancer and aids awareness on the island). Anyway i have a week left here in the Seychelles and while i am excited to come home and see all of you (and get some good food) i now i am going to miss this place greatly.

I'll see you all soon,


p.s. no pictures this time i don't have my memory card, but i'll try to post them later this week.


17th June 2007

Oh Paul I can't wait to see you!! Please call me as soon as you get home!
17th June 2007

can't wait to see ya buddy!
18th June 2007

Donde esta Pablo?
Hola mi amigo! So i see the trips winding down and you'll be back in the Woods for a while hopefully, I cant wait to see the rest of those pics man. You better hit me up when you get in town so we can pound down some good ole' fashion Texas beer and I wanna hear some crocodile hunter like stories of your adventure. Oh, If you can't get a hold of me Its because I may be out in the Gulf drilling holes looking for black gold. Well, best of luck mate. See ya soon, Stevo

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