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May 6th 2007
Published: May 6th 2007
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Hey everyone,

Hope all is well back in the states, sorry i havn't written in a while, but i have been quite busy with this intern position. I have been leading about 8 dives a week with the new volunteers teaching them their fish and coral and they are nearly ready to be surveying. Last week on Anzac day, after a coral spot dive, we got to swim with and 8 foot manta ray that wandered into the bay, which is the highlight of this phase so far. Lately we have been busy fixing our other boat, Dexter Crabtree, which we just recently sent over to Curieuse island (where our other satellite camp is located) so we can begin diving and surveying over there. Just last wednesday Cap Ternay (my current home) was bought by Uninted Arab Emirates for 250 million dollars where they are planning to build a hotel (bastards) in 2008. This means that we could be kicked out of our base at any moment. which is why we are trying to expand our base on Curieuse as quickly as possible. So needless to say we have been incredibly busy here. anyway the weeks are beginning to fly by and i am looking forward to seeing you all when this thing comes to an end. as for the photos i havn't taken too many so i decided to post more from kenya. write me back and let me know how you're doing.

I miss you all,


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6th May 2007

Life in Texas
Hi Paul, We miss you too, and are looking forward to your return. Although life in Texas is not as adventurous as in Seychelles, it keeps my blood pressure down and my heart beating at a normal pace -- at my age that is important. Hopefully, you used a zoom to get that Croc picture! Be safe! Love, Margaret
6th May 2007

Im Sorry
That is really terrible to hear what they are going to do to your base. It really disapoints me. I am looking foreward to seeing you when you get back. Which is? Stay safe have fun and I'll see you soon Lindsay
8th May 2007

hey buddy
Not much to report here, just busy with school and trying to find a job. I will be in Texas the day after graduation for an interview, and then I have no clue what I will be doing. Refusing to become a bum though. That sucks that UAE purchased your island, they are slowing taking over that whole segment it seems. I am sorry I am a boring friend. I got nothing but will report ASAP. Miss you buddy, Steve
4th June 2007

didnt even KNOW you were in africa
so i ran into your mom and dad today at church and had NO clue you were in africa. absolutely awesome man, i am utterly jealous of you right now. i'm sure you are loving it out there even though UAE is making you all move to a new location rather quickly. hope to read more of your adventures soon, things back here in college station are somewhat uneventful (with school, work, etc) so be sure to post a lot brother.

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