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April 10th 2007
Published: April 10th 2007
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Hey everyone,

i managed to return from kenya without being mauled or mugged. The safari was amazing and we saw everything i had hoped to. my favorite was maasai mara national reserve and seeing mt. kenya and kilimanjaro. comming home to the seychelles was refreshing but there has been a lot of work to do to get ready for the next
phase. There are 24 new volunteers arriving tommorow, most of which have little diving experience
so the first couple of weeks should be quite hectic. since i don't have much time here on the internet
i will spend the rest adding pictures...

saawa saawa,


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10th April 2007

amazing photos
Paul, maybe you should consider a future with National Geographic as a photographer! Those photos are beautiful! Glad you made it back "home" safely after an amazing time in Kenya. We've been praying for you.
10th April 2007

Paul that safari looks amazing. i can't wait to go to Africa. Maybe you'll still be there, who knows with you? Stay in touch brotha!
10th April 2007

So Seychelle's home now?!
You tricked me for a second there--I thought you might actually be in the States again! Your pictures are unbelievable man! I can see why you don't wanna come back. Sorry I never respond, my school crap is crazy right now since I graduate in one month and two days!!! We all miss you man, but definitely don't come back on our account! Keep taking kick ass pictures and if you never come back we'll just have to hunt down our favorite world traveler someday! Seriously though, thanks for all the postings...gives me something better than Faulkner to look at!
10th April 2007

ah sevenyah
Pictures are great, glad your enjoying your trip, looking forward to your return -Cushmore
11th April 2007

those pictures are awesome.im so glad your having fun but a little jealous that im not there.well keep having a good time and call me when you get back
11th April 2007

those pictures are awesome.im so glad your having fun, but a little jealous that im also not there.well sir keep having fun and put more pictures on here and call me when you get home
11th April 2007

Breathing Easier--I think
Hi Paul, It is great that you are back from Kenya, and very happy that the lions chose the water buffalo rather than any nearby humans for their meal. Although, your Mom and I are a little concerned that you are calling seychelles "home." We are looking forward to your return home to the US in June! Not a lot happening around here.....just the usual.....hiking over Mount Woodlands Parkway on my daily quest to explore and study human nature! love, Margaret
11th April 2007

DAMN MONKEY! haha That is soo awesome Paul it looks like something off of Animal Planet! Hey...you should get a job on there! hahaha Talk to you soon! Lindsay
17th April 2007

thats gonna be a good one!
hey brother, those are some awesome photographs!... national geographic quality. I hope you are still having fun, and handling the new group well. Im doin alright, i recently got a 95 on my calc 3 exam but unfortuantely finals are already right around the corner. I've been trout fishing one or two times this spring, but no luck... you gotta get back so you can show me some good spots! I've got some new music waiting for your return... a couple sweet zappa live albums( the 3 disk "shut up and play yer guitar" set is my fave... Frank can wail!hah), and i got a live ween dvd you gotta see! Anyways, im about to head to class so i'll talk at you later. miss you, take care!

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