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Africa » Nigeria » Lagos October 2nd 2018

A tale of necking bottles, bottle necking and de-bottle necking Driving up onto the 12 kilometer long Third Mainland Bridge from Victoria Island back to the mainland, undulating skeins of almost neon-blue coloured smoke and can be seen lying over the shanties near the water. A more general blanket of smog was also visible in the grey afternoon light masking the dun coloured buildings behind and blurring perspective. It had been ten years since my last visit to Nigeria’s dysfunctional, vibrant and frustrating megacity. In that ten year period the population has grown from an estimated nine million people to fourteen million. In reality nobody is sure of the true population of Lagos with some saying there may be 22 or 24 million people crammed into the city area. They pour into the area from the ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos April 24th 2016

General info: Currency: Nigerian Naira Cost of living: 1,5 L bottle of water 150 N, 0,5 L local beer in hotel bar 900 N First impression from Lagos doesn't make your face smile. It's not even becouse of airport is not brand new or haevn't heard of technological miracles like air conditioning. What make your hair stand on end are police officers walking all around carying machine guns size a half of their height, ready to use them any time. Our transport to the hotel was escorted by them. It shows with no doubts the level of safety in local streets. The city seen by window from behind of curtains on the way looked poor and not very esthetic. Fortunately the hotel was quite nice, friendly staff welcomed us with cool juices. Becouse there were no ... read more
Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos December 17th 2014

Beware Nigeria has Friendly People! When one tells people that you will be visiting Nigeria, the first thoughts that are released from their mind are that of Ebola, kidnap, evil oil barons and bombs. And in a way they can be forgiven as CNN and BBC tend to overcook these topics. As it turns out all of these things are (or in the case of Ebola, were) things found in Nigeria (also true for the USA and Spain), but not by me. My first week in Nigeria I was not kidnapped, but I did walk through a rather normal market known by many as quite perilous. And I have to say there was one woman who was menacingly wielding a banana. Unperturbed by this potential bandit dressed smartly as banana seller I walked on and as ... read more
Arsenal and Nigeria, LG
Myself and Peter my trusty taxi driver
Sesame Truck Decoration

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos September 12th 2014

Anything appears to be what i assumed them to be, except that it is not so hot as i imagined Africa to be,well , i am working in a Chinese run factory, so , fun is out of the question, but still i can bitch out my live here, especially , so fantastic natural scenes around me and the people with so much hospitality....... My first impression is the gorgeous sunset , for a guy as me, newly escaping from china's smog.I guess I will give up my fancy to Burma to meditate Buddhism,since when i facing the setting disk here, the essence of Buddhism as leveling yourself to nature is just what it is. The nearby towns are Lusada and Igbesa, a kind of Muslim air, but genuine Africa taste, i mean, directly ,the food ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 22nd 2013

When I stay in Lagos I stay in the expensive area of Lagos its called “Victoria Island” you get to it via a bridge, there is a high expat community here but the hustle and bustle of traffic is still there on the streets with all the cars and people selling Chinese junk. There are no motorbikes in Lagos anymore as they have been ruled out due to them being dangerous – so anyone riding a motorbike gets arrested now. On leaving Victoria Island and driving across the bridge I looked around at the sights on the left handside you have a huge traffic Jam which is everyone who works on Victoria Island heading to work and in the water is a slum city on stilts, a bit like what you see in china, my side ... read more
Miss Nigeria
James Bond of first aid

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 21st 2013

“There is a visitor in your training room” is what I was told when I arrived on site this morning… so I apprehensively walked towards the door thinking who could it be? A few of the lads had dressed Annie up – it was “Gangsta Annie and her crew” that was waiting for me, it was brilliant. Today we talked about medical conditions, including Diabetes and Epilepsy. I have picked these out because these are the ones that had the most interesting discussions. Diabetes led on to a big discussion about healthy eating, many had not realised that diabetes could be linked to poor diet. Diabetes is on the rise in Africa due to the big rise in fried food being available, a few suggested but we eat yam and plaintain – when asked how they ... read more
she wants my mummy
Gangsta Annie and her Crew

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 20th 2013

Today was my first day of first aid training - I looked forward to it as always. I have 13 delegates a 14th turned up halfway through the morning but I had to advise him that he had missed too much and must leave. I have a know it all in the class who came in sporting a " I am a first aider badge" and flashed his Id card every time he spoke - however when he screwed up resus he soon shut up and listened - if I hear but the Red Cross says one more time I'm gonna scream - apparently the Red Cross said its ok for him to keep medication in the workplace first aid kit - please know that it is not ok to do that and it is not ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 19th 2013

Friday was the last day of the Health and Safety week in Lagos, it was also the last day of my Risk Assessment training. The morning started with a quiz and reflection on the week with all 350 employees, there was an amazing atmosphere with lots of energy, laughing, shouting and singing – sadly I had no idea what was going on as they talk too fast and their accent was lost on me. Victor had asked me to photograph the event for the company newsletter. I had my final Risk Assessment group and they were the quietest this week, I think they just wanted to go as it is a Friday so we managed to get out earlier today as they didnt ask many questions. A couple of them went to mosque in the afternoon ... read more
The safety week organisers!
I won!!!!
answering quiz questions

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 16th 2013

"Another day in paradise" comes from the movie Oblivion - you should watch it if you havent already... so its Thursday and I realised I had not blogged for a while, each day I have been going to the office in Lagos where a "Health and Safety Week" is taking place, this involves speakers coming from different organisations to speak to all 350 employees about Health and Safety for 1 hour. todays subject was hepatitis B. After the event I went on the run my Risk assessment course, I am running the same course for 5 days tommorow being the last. on tuesday one of my monday students gave me a bible and a book called open heavens, today a student gave me a book about Jewish advice, most of you probably know that I am ... read more
Lagos HSE Week
my assistant photographer
Thursdays Risk assessment group

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 13th 2013

Yesterday while most of you were tucking into your roast potatoes I flew across to West Africa, specifically Lagos, Nigeria. I was questioned on the plane by a rather large Nigerian woman who turned in her seat and shook my arm. “why are you going to Nigeria, we do not see many of you in Nigeria (white women)” I told her I was working there… I could see her mind ticking while she thought, “ohhhh you must have a Nigerian boyfriend then?” I think I said No No NO I have a British boyfriend thank you a bit too fast and strong for her and she gave me a smile and moved away like she didn’t believe me… The first time I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria the luggage belt broke, I waited 2 hours in 40 ... read more
Fit Camp in the hotel....
clever packing
brown water straight from the taps

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