What? Have you never seen a white woman before?

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May 20th 2013
Published: May 20th 2013
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Today was my first day of first aid training - I looked forward to it as always. I have 13 delegates a 14th turned up halfway through the morning but I had to advise him that he had missed too much and must leave. I have a know it all in the class who came in sporting a " I am a first aider badge" and flashed his Id card every time he spoke - however when he screwed up resus he soon shut up and listened - if I hear but the Red Cross says one more time I'm gonna scream - apparently the Red Cross said its ok for him to keep medication in the workplace first aid kit - please know that it is not ok to do that and it is not ok to stand up and argue that in my class because I will put you in your place...

Besides that we had a lot of giggles and fun today and discovered that African men do not like Caitlan Moran ( the times column writer who wrote a book about feminism) tommorow we will be discussing reasons for being unconscious.

My friend who disagrees with me so much is from Kaduna - that is northern Nigeria where Boko Haram are causing problems at the moment. He explains that it is worrying times for him and his family but says "what can we do?" When I see a casualty I try and assist them but I must be careful because they may be Boko - I remind him to think of this as a danger and to always put himself first in these situations.

After work I asked my driver Raymond to take me to the local shop rite ( tesco) I went in and looked around and there was nothing I could really buy without having a kitchen so I got some citrus juice as the minibar is expensive - an employee came up to me giggling like an idiot so I said "what? Have you never seen a white woman before?" and he started dancing - stuff like this happens to Clair not me usually so I walked off and I could hear his mate saying "I told you to leave her alone" - I then spied Raymond in the corner - he had been following me to keep an eye on me - such a good man so I paid and left.

Might have pasta again - oh how exciting lol



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