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Africa » Niger » Niamey March 21st 2011

28 février : Aujourd’hui, petite pluie matinale sur Dosso. Visite des communes de Dan Kassari et de Doutchi. Déjeuner avec Lukas, le Polonais, 1 thé, 1 café et un morceau de pain, environ 0,60 $ dans une cabane en tôle en face de l’hôtel. 1 mars : Pour le déjeuner, retour au super resto en face de l’hôtel avec Lukas. Visite des communes de Garan Kedey, de Sakadamna et de Kiéché. Anniversaire de Laura, l’Italienne, petit gâteau d’anniversaire fait avec des frites et des carottes ! Pas super bon. 2 mars : Visite des communes de Kasera et Tessa ainsi que du village de Koptitanda. Un autre anniversaire, celui de Lukas, ce qui me donne droit a quelques shot de vodka ! 3 mars : visite des communes de Doumega et de Guéchémé. 4 mars : ... read more
groupe en habit
deux rivals

Africa » Niger » Niamey August 17th 2010

This update encompasses nearly two years of effort in Niger and at the village of Handaga, Tera region. I have now made some six separate trips to the village initially to visit my sponsored child and then followed by humanitarian trips. Thes trips have taken place in October 2008, December 2008 / January 2009, May 2009, September/October 2009,February 2010, June 2010 and now August 2010. Each trip made gradual progress instilling confidence in the village Chief, his elders and the villagers of some 750. Inevitably we found evidence of malnutrition, hunger and abject poverty. However, what shines through is that these beautiful people deserve our help in providing a sustainable future together with educational assistance. In the village school we are providing new desks ,equipment, books and facelifts to the classrooms. This August trip is timed ... read more

Africa » Niger » Niamey December 19th 2009

Niger is often referenced as the poorest country in the world, with a large portion of its land consisting of or threatened by the encroaching Sahara. My time spent there was, however, refreshing and a welcome respite from the overwhelming 3 days in norther Nigeria. Other than the excessive cost of our visas, we had very little problems getting into Niger. The landscape maintained its level dryness and fewer trees dotted the lanscape than on the Nigerian side. Houses and rounded food storage containers were made of mud and thatch and surrounded by smooth mud walls. Herds of sheep and occasional donkeys pulling various necessities flanked the road. We traveled along the southern road, staying in Maradi, the third largest city and the groundnut capitol of Niger. The people here spoke Hausa, like in northern Nigeria ... read more

Africa » Niger » Niamey March 29th 2009

So, I had to stay an extra three days in Niamey because the airport staff are on strike. I went out to find some soap and the only thing I could find was this "Lendemain Difficile" or, "The Next Day is Difficult"...Anti-hangover soap. I haven't been drunk in well over 20 years, but where was this stuff when I was 15? Notice the back side, soap+man=woman to the second power (or squared)...what does that mean? Anyway, it promises to save your morning and bring you back to life after a short and restless night! Maybe Peace Corps should purchase this in bulk! It smells like lemons by the way...... read more
What kind of promise is this?

Africa » Niger » Niamey November 9th 2008

When I crossed the border by buss I was really positive and meditative. The hot wind blowing furiously in my face, as the bleached scenery rushed by, drenched in the strongest Sahelian sun. It was a pleasure to see slight hills, and eventually a valley in which the Niger flowed, as we drove into Niamey, the capital. This is Niger, remember, not Nigeria! This is a country of some 14 million people, considered to be the poorest country in the world for third consecutive year, and there were no severe droughts those years, so one can see the state of things thought that fact alone. It seems to be holding on to democracy tough, just, and that will be put to the test in the next few months as the next election comes up, and we ... read more
Douglas with a giraffe!!!!
Cute Giraffe.
Agadez, sweet suffering Agadez.

Africa » Niger » Niamey July 2nd 2008

After the awful bus from Cotonou dropped me off in Fada, I met up with PCVs Beth and Aisha. We happened to be in Fada on the night of a Floby concert, what luck! (Floby is a popular Burkinabe singer.) The next morning we joined PCV Courtney on a bus to Niamey. There was a big fiasco in which the bus company sold us tickets and then didn’t want to let us get on the bus, but we managed to get some spots standing in the aisle. It was about an eight hour trip including a long stop at the border. While we waited for the border guards to stamp our passports we found some omelet sandwiches for lunch. As soon as we were seen ordering food we were surrounded by young garibous. In Muslim communities ... read more

Africa » Niger » Niamey May 7th 2008

I was just in Niger for 10 days conducting a workshop for Imams and Pastors to equip them to discuss HIV and AIDS in their congregations and communities. It went very well - thanks for asking! All of the translations were exhausting, but other than that it was a great experience. It is nice to be in a forum where we can discuss our similarities and not focus on our differences! The group was very motivated and all but one participant turned in a follow up plan of action so that was great! I did have a chance to get with Gaston for dinner at Dragon D'Or on Sunday night and thought all you Niger RPCVs might enjoy a snapshot of our great NUT leader! Souleymane is now his full time assistant for HIV and AIDS. ... read more

Africa » Niger » Niamey February 26th 2008

February 25, 2008 Goodbye Niger It is our last day here in Niamey, Niger. We work for the morning and I complete the pedology map and copy maps we have worked on over the past few days to Amadou’s computer. We go to lunch at the Italian restaurant. There is a special lunch menu that you can choose between two options for each appetizer, main course, and dessert, for the cost of 7000 cifa’s. We are given a pen to mark our choices, and I have the tomato basil salad, the spinach ricotta ravioli and vanilla ice cream for dessert. It is another good meal. After lunch, we return to the office for awhile and decide that we will go out at 3 to see some sights. The first stop is to the Canadian Embassy, for ... read more
The Canadian Embassy in Niamey
The Grande Mosque
Another view of the grande mosque

Africa » Niger » Niamey February 19th 2008

February 19, 2008 Today has been an office day to start. Chris, Amadou and myself have been discussing our projects and looking at some of the data I have. We went for lunch at the Grand Hotel. It is a very nice hotel, and apparently quite popular (hard to get into). The route there took us past a huge stadium. On the way back, to my delight and surprise, I saw a camel with a large load on its back. What an unusual site. Then 2 minutes later, saw another one. There is a lot of dust in the air. It is from the strong winds that come in from the Sahara, called ?????? (can’t remember their name). They begin near the start of December and will finish around the end of February. Then, the hot ... read more

Africa » Niger » Niamey February 18th 2008

February 18, 2008 Another day, another airline. This evening we flew Air Senegal from Bamako, Mali to Niamey, Niger. This is a new airline for me to travel on and it was a good flight. At the airport, we had to go through a passport check, then a health check (making sure immunizations were up to date), then pick up our bags and finally a baggage claim check. It took a bit of time, but it was relatively smooth. Once we got past the first two checks, Amadou was there to meet us. This is my first time meeting Amadou. He is a very nice man, very friendly! It was dark upon arrival in Niamey, so do not have a good idea on what Niamey looks like. I know the main road is paved, and it ... read more

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