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February 18th 2008
Published: February 18th 2008
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February 18, 2008

Another day, another airline.

This evening we flew Air Senegal from Bamako, Mali to Niamey, Niger. This is a new airline for me to travel on and it was a good flight. At the airport, we had to go through a passport check, then a health check (making sure immunizations were up to date), then pick up our bags and finally a baggage claim check. It took a bit of time, but it was relatively smooth. Once we got past the first two checks, Amadou was there to meet us. This is my first time meeting Amadou. He is a very nice man, very friendly!

It was dark upon arrival in Niamey, so do not have a good idea on what Niamey looks like. I know the main road is paved, and it sounds like most of the regular roads are not. From what I can tell in the headlights, the roads look quite sandy. There were not too many lights, but a few. Of course, there were lots of men selling things at intersections as the cars stopped at red lights (many up to the window showing their wares, tonight, it was mainly cell calling cards).

We arrived at the company house/office around 9pm and it is a big house and very nice looking! Lots of rooms. Chris and I are upstairs in one of the bedrooms, with its own washroom, and it is off another very large room that hosts a dining room table, several couches and a tv - quite comfortable! The yard has a large wall around it and there is a security guard outside. The kitchen has bottle water, pop, and food. Apparently we have a cook coming in tomorrow morning to begin cooking for us while we are here. I am getting spoiled rotten as I am too well looked after here in Africa.

It looks like we have a busy schedule this next week. The first couple of days are in Niamey, with meetings and such. Then, we begin touring properties. The first trip will be an overnight trip to visit Nassile. Then, the next will be a day trip to visit the Dar Es Salam project. The following day is another project visit, with the last day open for meetings. Sounds like it will be an interesting week.

We are 9 hours ahead of BC time, in Mali and Guinea, we were only 8 hours ahead. Too many time changes. As a result, I am now very tired from travelling and will turn in for the night.

Glad we have internet access here at the house.


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