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March 29th 2009
Published: March 29th 2009
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So, I had to stay an extra three days in Niamey because the airport staff are on strike. I went out to find some soap and the only thing I could find was this "Lendemain Difficile" or, "The Next Day is Difficult"...Anti-hangover soap. I haven't been drunk in well over 20 years, but where was this stuff when I was 15? Notice the back side, soap+man=woman to the second power (or squared)...what does that mean? Anyway, it promises to save your morning and bring you back to life after a short and restless night! Maybe Peace Corps should purchase this in bulk! It smells like lemons by the way...

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29th March 2009

these are great
exactly why we choose to live in foreign much to giggle about!
30th March 2009

Axe... New in the US
Axe products are new here, and the marketing is that the ladies flock to men who use it. Perhaps that's what the soap+man=woman (squared). There's one commercial where the women physically STICK to men who use the body spray. *gag* PS, I think I want somma those Obama britches.
1st April 2009

They have similar commercial here in the US.
7th April 2009

Give me a break!
But, I guess that somewhere out there some lazy unemployed guy is sitting on his couch eating Doritos and sees that commercial and hope is restored! Even he can afford the three bucks for the soap that will answer all his prayers! No longer in Mali and I haven't seen the britches here, but if I run across any I'll pick you up a pair! :)
7th April 2009

Isn't it fantastic! Every day is a new adventure! Even the smallest errands can reveal the greatest of discoveries!

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