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March 4th 2006
Published: March 4th 2006
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woke up early
because it was hot and i rolled over and felt the cool spot where my body just was.
got up to drink coldcold water from the freezer, too cold to drink in big gulps
had to pee
had to drench with water before going back to bed for a bit
got up later
opened the window, the metal part already scalding
i wrote a little, shifting out of my sweat every once and a while
went to Yussef's sister's house with my computer and we watched Elf with Will Ferrell in English. they liked it, who better than Will Farrell to do perfect physical comedy.
i held the baby, aishatu
she peed on me twice
she didn't want to sit still so i stood in the doorway and translated every once in a while.
we left
i had a headache not because of dehydration but the sheer power of the sun, ow
i finally understand why it's better to close the windows in the taxi against the wind that is is scorcing hot, even with the prospect of cool the sweat on my brow, it's not worth it, it's too hot.


5th March 2006

Yep, Lil, as you know that was the oft repeated phrase in my life in Israel at your age...IT'S TOO HOT...ugh. Hurray for siesta time!
9th March 2006

Your stupid you should move you numb nut!

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