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January 29th 2006
Published: January 29th 2006
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i made it here with little hassle, when i get my computer in to a cybercafe i will have a story about my quick and not-very-exciting-jaunt in morroco entitled "morroco is like scotland"
as for now
i am here
a little kid asked me for a cadeau before coming in here and before that i was at yussef's sister's house entertaining a bunch of kids with my sierra club planner looking at all the pictures with the neighborhood men skeptically looking on and asking one of them in zarma what my name was, i could've told him, oh well. sometimes i feel feinging ignorance is a better route, just sitting back and listening, trying to devine things from my limited vocab

i've been having more jet lag than the first time was here. i wake up at the same time presque at three thirty in the morning and can't go to sleep again til seven or something

i had more of a culture shock the first day going to eat egg sandwhiches in the street and swelling with the sounds of unknown languages in my ears again.

i feel more big expectations of me this time around, of the people i already know, to have brought gifts, medicine, pictures, stories
why don't i wear pagnes?
i should cover my head
oh jeez
but that was just more today

the new students are here, six girls one boy, i haven't logged their names because their bapteme is tonight. i was sitting with hama the day guard when they came out of their first zarma class and we were heralded with their newly learned "fofo"s
it's so funny to see their wide-eyed-ness/awkwardness/not-knowing anything/sleeping under mosquito nets and remembering being like that
what an old hat i am
i'm so happy to be here
it's getting hotter
i'm not unpacked because i'm looking for another place to live, their are lots of prospects; a new house with a blue door and an indoor shower, or a room in an NGO with a girl that used to be an r.a. lots of opportunities...
things are good
and when i figure out the computer going to the internet cafe you shall know more


29th January 2006

Back chez vous
Hi Lil, Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. I look forward to learning how Morrocco is like Scotland. It is so cool to read your blog and catch a flavor of your daily life. Stay healthy and keep on writin'. Ciao, Tim
30th January 2006

Hey friend : ) I miss you! I love reading your stuff - keep it up. you = amazing anasara - no getting depasse, ok? Just wanted to send some love. Kala tonton!!

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