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January 31st 2006
Published: January 31st 2006
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i came for adventure
and it is here for me everyday
every "promenade" that i take.
like the other day heading into the grand marche this guy with old bottles full of murky water who i accosted with questions. traditional medicines, he said, for black people, not for me because i'm white. but white people do buy them, rarely for ailments but mostly for testing in their labs to see that, oui vraiment they work.
or the other day when i went to look at two houses and this kid on a tricked out bike with a viking flag on the front and an annoying flashing/whining light on the back and colored plastic and baubles who followed us into the houses giving his opinion. he liked the house with the blue door and the trees in the yard(same as me) and assured me it was a good neighborhood, his brother lived nearby
or tonight when i was walking by the hospital this girl, probably my age jumped up to walk, windi-windi with me the rest of the row of stalls and simply show me where she lived, down by the river.
i love it

other random sightings
toy story, big lebowski and animal videos for sale in the marche
crickets are in season again, for eating
surrounded by a group of kids yelling the zarma names of the things in my audobon agenda
the hassel/satisfacion of giving gifts, spatula with hearts in it=not practical=not givable
medicines=good idea
candles=good idea
don't forget to bring a gift for the other wife though, she gets jealous
a bald white guy running out of the internet cafe


31st January 2006

too bad about the spatula.
31st January 2006

Back chez vous
Hi Lil, Well, so far you are as good as your word, posting with increased frequency. Can you keep up this torrid pace? Tim
1st February 2006

just got...
...home and must tackle to huge assignments. This adventure entry reminds me of why I'm doing so much work right now, to go to another place myself for some homemade adventure! Love you lil!

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