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January 23rd 2006
Published: January 23rd 2006
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i said i was going to be better about these updates and here i am not even back on my final continent and i'm writing. i'm in new york
and i rode in an unmarked taxi to john and susie's apt and my thoughts were:
1st: fear cause it was an unmarked cab and what was i doing being so naive
2nd: that the guy was speaking zarma on his cell phone

he wasn't

and i didn't ask
i'm not quite into my always at the front of myself travel mode, ready to break barriers and ask what language someone's speaking
i'm attributing it to the cold i've been experiencing
it freezes my brain, restricts my wandering instincts, i was dreading this long day of travel, from bozeman->salt lake->boston->new york but it wasn't bad, of course and people were funnily humans

morroco will get me to the front of myself
i board tomorrow at 6:40 after a day of kids and quick-fit-in-everything with farida
and then i'll have about 14 hours in casablanca
and i won't have time to watch the movie before i go unfortunately
but that's good, that's worse than seeing a movie before reading the book
seeing the movie before seeing the country? whoo, sacrilage, but i guess i do it a lot, so i don't know if i should retract that statement...

obviously it's time for bed


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