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June 24th 2019
Published: June 24th 2019
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Our last full day has been very full. We started out on a cheetah walk experience where we had the opportunity to walk up to cheetah on the wild. We got about 8 meters from them and got to see them do some natural behaviour. They were a pair of females who usually are together but when we found one, she was on her own. She made this chirping noise to call the other one while we watched. She seemed quite distressed so we walked away to find the other one hiding under a tree. She startled when she saw us and the two of them reconnected. We left them napping together.

As a bonus, on the way there we saw a leopard who came right up to the car. We also got to see one last bull elephant get flustered by us and other animals on the drive.

After that, we packed the car and headed to our final stop - N/a’an ku se wildlife sanctuary. On the way here, we saw another leopard and a honey badger plus oryx, springbok, eland, and more. We got here just in time for the afternoon carnivore feeding tour where we saw wild dogs who can’t be released into the wild. They wag their tails like house dogs.

We then saw caracels, like small lynx, who had been raised as pets so now can’t be released. We saw a troop of baboons who wanted to play with us. Then we went to see the cheetahs, leopards and lions get fed. Powerful animals. It was a unique experience to see these cats who can’t be released in as close to to a natural setting as possible.

The place we’re staying is unique - they got funding by working with individuals who built private residences on the reserve. These houses are where overnight guests stay. The only place where they have internet is the lodge so I’m writing this before dinner. After dinner were going back to our room to pack as we have a a caracel experience in the morning and have to check out right after before heading to the airport.

Very full day! It was a great way to end our trip.

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