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June 22nd 2019
Published: June 22nd 2019
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This morning started at 3:30 am for us so we could catch our flight out of Cape Town at 6:00. Our driver was late picking us up (he slept through his alarm) so we started off in a bit of a panic. But we made our flight okay and arrived in Namibia about noon.

The security was more complex here but we made it through and met our guide Elvis. Elvis drove us the 4 hours to our current resort. We got here just In time for the afternoon game drive.

The game drive was different because this is a private reserve so the animals are all tracked. It’s a big reserve 11000 sq km (bigger than Singapore ourvguide said) but it’s still a reserve.

All of the other passengers on our Jeep spoke french which made it more challenging. Plus it was a completely full Jeep - a first for us - so it definitely feels more commercial.

On the drive we did see lions but they had collars on so clearly were tracked. We also saw springboks, wildebeest and fir some reason the French were excited about ground squirrels. We saw a few elephants, hippos, crocs and giraffe. We saw a bat earref fox and on the drive to camp an oryx. We came here to do the cheetah walk and see the wild dogs primarily. They seem to have lost our walk reservations and national geographic is here filming the wild dogs so only one Jeep can see them per drive. So far, I’m not impressed with this place.

However at dinner our guide saw wild dogs out at the water hole and directed us to them. He also spotted a hyena - so that cheered me up a bit. That and wine.

Off to bed now. Exhausted from our early start!


23rd June 2019

Shame about the Cheetah Walk
It's a shame they lost your reservation. Will you be there tomorrow? Hopefully they can set a new one up. I looked it up online and it looks like people actually walk cheetahs on a leash that looks similar to Sadie's. Seems weird to me, but interesting. I was really picturing more like a walk past them than a literal walk.

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