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November 13th 2015
Published: November 14th 2015
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The last leg of our two week journey was to go look for some rock formation that looks like a wave. 400km later we found the place to be closed. F that. That was a waste of time and gas money…stoopid…But we found ourselves back in Otjiwarongo at the cheap campsite enjoying a refreshing beverage after the longest part of the trip. Then along came a South African fella who really was just looking for company but his talkings turned quickly into race related topics. I pretended to go check my phone and came back to Matteo being all amped up. I then heard that Hitler created the perfect race so I left to sit in the bar. That’s where I met a few Namibian guys who were getting after it real hard and I had a few shots with them. Then the rest of my group came in bringing Racist McRaciston with them. Oddly enough maybe he had a small epiphany and he gave us some serious headlamps. Maybe as an apology, but he was a traveling salesman so he had a few extras lying around. These bad mamajamas have 1800 lumens and run off two huge rechargeable batteries. Woa. Full on…I still didn’t appreciate his comments but I graciously accepted his gift and a few more shots to wash it all down J We slowly got out of bed the next day and made our way back to Windhoek in time for me to hit up the Kenyan embassy in search of the East African Visa. There is a new eCitizen application to fill out online for a single entry visa for Kenya that everyone has to have as of October and that includes me because I will be there with the overland tour in January. The only problem is that the tour goes through Kenya, into Uganda, and back to Kenya. Which means I need a multiple entry visa which isn’t offered online. But since the place I went isn’t an embassy but rather a High Commission, they weren’t supposed to issue visas. Well after some smooth talking and banking I only had to wait a half an hour for the East African Visa which covers Kenya, Uganda, AND Rwanda. Looks like im making a side trip to Rwanda!!!! The rental washed and dried, filled with diesel, and back to the Eruope car marked the end of our road trip covering 7000km and almost everything to see in Namibia. What an adventure. So fun. Only a few weeks left til my 35 day overlanding tour so time to move on to the next country; Botswana J

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