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November 10th 2015
Published: November 14th 2015
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The Himba tribe is a unique group of only 50,000 strong left in the remote northern part of Namibia and spreading a little bit into Angola. We actually got to the border of the two countries and tried to get across just for fun to check off another country, but they were very unrelenting in letting us step foot onto their soil. Oh well, continuing on to the town of Opuwo where we could grab a guide and he would take us to a Himba village for some cultural interaction. The only two things I wanted to see in Namibia were the Fish River Canyon and the Himba tribe so I feel so lucky that I got to do both! The Himbas live a traditional way off the land without modern conveniences. They are also the ones who put red clay in their hair and cover all exposed skin with butter hand made from cow’s milk mixed with a red ochre powder made by grinding rocks together. The women never wash themselves but rather use a perfume made from the Mupane tree set on fire and the smoke produces a pleasant aroma in which they waft over their body. A different, but similar, plant is used in the same way to “wash” their animal skin clothing laid over a conical weaving of sticks. Really interesting way of life but this is the cultural experience I imagining when thinking about Africa. Yessssssss. We exchanged questions about hair through our guide and in the end I wound up with a marriage proposal by one special lady. Lololol!!!!! After giving gifts of food to the town folk we stopped by a mobile school set up by the government for the nomadic people. About 72 kids were there from kindergarten to grade 3 and they were really excited to play soccer with the Italian stallion. I watched in awe as this is the story ive heard about countless times when people visit an African village. So fun and after a dance performed by the kids we all happily donated money to build another shelter for the growing number of kids attending the school. I like culture J

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