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January 14th 2012
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Wow, no internet at the hotels. We are at an internet cafe in Swakopmund today. I'm going to start with the beginning though.

5 days ago we flew from Zambia to Namibia thru the Jburg airport again. We got into Winhoek and the lodge picked us up. We stayed at a lodge near the airport and it was just for the night. I had oryz that night for dinner. it was delicious.

the next morning, we were picked up for our first small plane flight to Sosssusvlei (I know the spelling is wrong). This place is in the middle of the Nabia desert. Hot, Yes, I heard it got up to 48 (celius). We stayed in a tent lodge, but it had ac that really couldn't keep up. WE did a late afternoon game drive that night and saw the animals that can live in the desert with little to no water. That night I had eland to eat for dinner. Again delicious.

The next morning was the morning I was dreading, hiking the sand dunes. we drove thru the sea of sand and saw all these red dunes. We got to big daddy. It's huge. I went up a short bit and my lungs were already shot. I left the guide and Shelly and they continued on up. Shelly did it. I can't believe her. I sat on the dry lake bed and took pictures. We also saw deadvlev and it was great. We went back and nap'd and then at 5 we went and climbed Elan dune and I could do that one. we then went to a canyon. again it was great. That night I had zebra for dinner.

The next day we flew on the next small plane to swakopmnd. we flew over the sea of dunes and saw the diamond camps, the ship wreck in the middle of a sand dune and the salt flats and the view. Wow. Last night we did a culture tour and went into the townships and districts. I didn't know that Namibia had apartheid too, like south africia. It ended around 1990.

Today we went kayaking with the seals and they were right by the kayaks. Then we went sand boarding. It was crazy, crazy. We have pictures, videos... but we've not downloaded much yet. Sorry, you are going to have to wait till we get back. Tomorrow we drive to Mt Etijo. I doubt I'll get to blog again. I will if I can.

love yall

Claire & Shelly


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