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January 10th 2012
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our last day and night in Zambia and our killer place to stay. Sad. I do have to say I won't miss the bugs. So we slept in a bit and then when we got up we went to ride elephants. It's kind of like riding a horse, just bigger. afterwards we got to feed the elephants and we stuck our hands right in their mouth. I felt the tonuge.

after a light lunch we went and rode the jet boat on the zimbaze river. the same one shelly kayaked the other day. we had to ride a cable car down to the river. Well I can say that they would never be allowed to do this in the states. it was fun riding right up to the rocks and being slung around and over some of the rapids on the river, but it was dangerous. Shelly has some bruises because of it and my elbow is very sore. still we are glad we did it. I did keep my mouth shut tight whenever we were going to get splashed. I saw what the river water did to Shelly and I didn't want the same. At least we had all the antibotics and diaria medicine so that it wasn't that bad. It did not take her long to recover.

Today we leave for Namibia. I can't tell you when I'll post again but I'll try as often as I can.



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