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Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund July 25th 2022

AFRICA WINDING DOWN We left the Cape and drove into Swakopmund, where we had our first two-day respite in a guesthouse. It felt so good to have a room to myself. I immediately made a reservation for two massages, one for each of our down days. While in Swakopmund, we had another opportunity to do some tourist activities. I chose to take a catamaran trip. What a marvelous experience. Sun and warm breezes. Seals came on board, as did several large pelicans, a white male, and a pink female. Their color is the result of their diet. The pelicans would sidle right up to people to have their photo taken and receive a treat. We also saw a sunfish right near the side of the catamaran. Wow! Dolphins rode the waves at the prow of the ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund November 30th 2020

After leaving Palmwag, we continued our journey. We saw a couple of mama and baby giraffes early on, but after that, the roadside wildlife was non-existent until much later in the day. The new car had more trouble as the battery then died too! very exciting for their driver, but we fixed it and moved on. We arrived at the Skeleton Coast National Park pretty much on time, used the facilities, and took some photos at the entrance. We saw a few other tourists hanging around too. Our first stop inside was a short hike up a small hill to see Namibia's national plant: Welwitschia mirabilis. Generally the plant can be 1,000 to 2,000 years old and only has two leaves. There are male and female plants. It is considered a "living fossil". We also saw ... read more
Cape Cross Seal Colony
Roadtrip to Skeleton Coast

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund December 1st 2018

Day 13: Picked up a car and blitzed 3 hours NE to Waterberg national park. Plenty of Timon's Pumba's on the road side. Speaking of roads, their straights are so long - I could see the mirage fade into the horizon at one point. The park itself is a table mountain plateau, with rhino's on top, if I heard the guide correctly... I shan't lie, I did splash out a little, relative to the backpacker scene. But it was cheaper than any other solution I could conjure up. And the four-post bed with rhino-themed sheets shamelessly justified it. Venturing out, I did a 10km loop through the valley, reaching a spring surrounded by deer and baboons. Felt like a little scene from the jungle book. In saying that, the heat of the day led to a ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund June 10th 2018

Gisteren na het eten direct gaan slapen, want de wekker staat op 6.00. De B&B verzorgt op ons verzoek een vroeg ontbijt, omdat we om 8.00 in Walvisbaai moeten zijn voor een kanotocht. Om 8.15 vertrekken we vanuit Walvisbaai met Desert Explorers naar Pelican Point waar we in elegante pakken worden gehesen en een zwemvest om krijgen. Vervolgens bivakkeren we ongeveer twee uur in een kano op het water, waarbij we omringd worden door nieuwsgierige, jonge zeehonden die zich maar al te graag laten aaien. Ze zwemmen achter de kano’s aan en vermaken ons met hun geluiden en koddige gezwem. Eentje presteert het om over de peddel te duiken. Na deze geweldige belevenis krijgen we koffie met iets lekkers op het strand en rijden we weer langzaam terug. We lunchen aansluitend met zijn vieren bij de ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund June 9th 2018

Vandaag 360 km voor de boeg naar Swakopmund. We vertrekken na een heerlijk ontbijt om 9.15 uur met als tussenbestemming Solitaire, waar we natuurlijk de beroemde appeltaart even moeten gaan proeven. Wat betreft onze verwachtingen van de wegen in Namibië moet ik zeggen dat het ons niet echt tegenviel. Het feit dat je op grindwegen rijdt is natuurlijk voor ons nogal ongebruikelijk, maar toch redelijk goed te doen. We arriveren dan ook volgens planning om 10.30 bij Solitaire. We moeten onze voorstelling bij het begrip ‘dorp’ hier in Namibië wel bijstellen, we waren er bijna voorbij gereden ;-) De vele autowrakken zijn wel decor voor wat aparte foto’s. Na de koffie met appelgebak vervolgen we onze weg over de lange, stille wegen langs o.a. Gaub Canyon. Halverwege de middag arriveren we in Swakopmund bij Brigadoon Guest ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund November 18th 2017

Mitten in Sanddünen an der Atlantikküste gelegen, mutet Swakopmund eher wie eine Mischung aus Nordseekurort und amerikanischem Städtchen an. Viele ältere Gebäude erinnern noch an die deutsche Kolonialzeit, obwohl diese weniger als 30 Jahre gedauert hat (bis zum ersten Weltkrieg). Nach etwas Rumschlendern waren wir am ersten von zwei Abenden portugiesisch Essen (Angola ist nur ein paar hundert Km entfernt). Am zweiten Tag stiessen wir auf ein afrikanisches Restaurant (das einzige!) das auch erst vor zwei Monaten die Türen geöffnet hatte. Der Abend gab uns einen Einblick in die Kultur von jenen, die ja eigentlich das Land bevölkern.... Das Restaurant ist eine Initiative, die ein ganzes Dorf in der Nähe unterstützen will. Am Vormittag unternahmen wir eine Tour aufs Meer (nach mehreren in der Wüste) und konnten Pelikane und Robben hautnah erleben - nur die Delfine ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund May 6th 2017

The day had finally arrived and it was time to set off on our transcontinental trip through Africa - a 40 day overland camping trip with G-Adventures. Led by our two Zimbabwean tour guides (Darlington and Mr Bombastic) and 22 like minded adventurists, we set off in our lando (souped up bus). We travelled northwards from Cape Town in anticipation of what the next 6 weeks would hold for us and whether we could hack sleeping in tents! The hot African sun with the ever changing terrain made for spectacular viewing on our overland journey. Stoney, sandy, rocky and mountainous landscapes were interrupted by massive agricultural production farms of grapes, tea and limes. Wild animals such as eland, moutain zebra, springbok, flamingos and oryxes as well as more traditional animals like cattle, sheep and goats were ... read more
It's not a bus........ It's a Lando!
Lime Trees
Wine tasting at Cederberg

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund October 30th 2016

At present it is actually cold here at Swakopmund which is on the Atlantic coast by the sea and we had a BBQ tonight but were wearing trousers and fleeces. We had a really good laugh. We will be moving inland again in a couple of days so I suppose the temperature will go up again. We had a tailback of about 8 motorhomes yesterday as two had punctures and when they went to put on the spares they were punctured too. We were stopping all the vans and trying to find one with the right wheel size for them. Went on a bit further and then John and Charmaine's van's gearbox packed up. It is an automatic like ours and Christo the mechanic fixed it with the computer and then it packed up again and ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund August 13th 2016

Not such a long journey today, mainly on the C14, which was in much better repair than we remember from 2012. We started by a stop for fuel and decent coffee at Solitaire (the one criticism of Namib Desert Lodge is that their coffee is foul). Solitaire is a wonderfully quirky place, characterised by a large number of old car and truck bodies on display like a strange sculpture park. There is rumoured to be a meerkat colony but today it was the ground squirrels causing a stir - they look quite similar but their tails are fluffier and they have a more hunched stance. The C14 between Soliatire and Walvis Bay does not pass through any towns, but the scenery is wonderful. En route we travelled through the Gaus and Kuiseb Passes, both of which ... read more
A popular sign
Road through the pass

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund May 4th 2016

WALVIS BAY, NAMIBIA - 24th April Our final port of call before heading North and crossing the Equator into the Northern Hemisphere. Walvis Bay is the gateway to our destination Swaopmund for the day. It is a curious blend of Ocean and desert, a little like I knew of Muscat, Oman in the early days before being 'touristified' ( if there's such a word) The Natural Lagoon is just a short distance from the docks, it is the largest single area of shallow water on the West coast of Africa and part of the Walvis Bay Nature Reserve. A vast number of birds are attracted to the lagoon, particularly flamingos and pelicans. This was our first stop (for a photo opportunity) before heading for Dune 7 which is the highest sand dune in the area and ... read more

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