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Africa » Mozambique December 3rd 2010

Oceano Indiano, capanne di paglia sulla spiaggia, un passato da colonia portoghese, musica reggae e birra a volonta': uno potrebbe credere di essere finito a Goa, la localita' balneare per eccellenza della costa indiana, ma in questo caso siamo sulla sponda opposta dell'oceano: in Africa, Mozambico per l'esattezza. Qui il mezzo di trasporto per eccellenza e' il chapa, un vecchio minibus quasi sempre giapponese di seconda mano, con ancora le vecchie scritte stampate sui fianchi, qualcosa del tipo "scuolabus di Osaka Est" o "Monte Fuji sumo club"; la capienza nominale sarebbe di 11 posti, quella effettiva di 15, ma quasi sempre si arriva tranquillamente almeno a 18 e, non essendo per natura i giapponesi dei giganti, si viaggia tutti compressi tra i sedili e schiacciati da borse, valigie, sacchi di verdure, bambini e mazzi di galline ... read more
Tofo: solo con un cane
Vilankulo: chi si rivede...
Il grande fiume Zambesi

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 20th 2010

Well our time in Kampala has finally come to an end and we have said a sad goodbye to the kids and the babies. In our last week we decided to take the children from PCA to the Ndere Centre which is a cultural Ugandan dance show. The kids loved it! The show is very interactive and they were all up on stage showing off their dance moves. The next part of our travels we have decided to backpack/flash pack along the coast of Mozambique for 1 month - we will then travel across to Swaziland and then into J'burg where we fly out 30 November to Sydney. Our trip started in the early hours in Kampala where we caught a lovely NEW bus (Queens Coach) to Nairobi (12 hours) and it is well worth a ... read more
Pemba Bush and Dive Camp
Flat tyre

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos November 20th 2010

13th – 20th November 2010 Vilanculos – Tofo After one of the worst nights sleep of this trip….I think I managed about 2 hours of actual sleep in the hottest room ever with mosquitos flying around us (the Lonely Planet does rate Beira as the place that you are most likely to catch malaria in Moz!), we woke up at 2am and quickly got changed and finished packing our bags (so quickly that I managed to leave my favourite t shirt behind) and ran out the door as our taxi driver was early (now that’s a first in Africa!) and was tooting the heck out of his car horn. We managed to board the bus etc and had a smooth comfortable ride to our drop off point although the sun threatened to melt us as one ... read more
A little bit of heaven in Moz
Kath enjoying the Dhow ride
Me also enjoying the ride

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 15th 2010

One more diving trip...and one more time back to Africa. I have usual, the last few days in RDC having great time with great friends. Leslie at the same time is enjoying his Grandparents in Bangkok...and he his visiting Angkor with them. After my week in RDC, I spent a night in Joburg before picking up Ma'ri at the airport. This time were are heading to Inhambane, Mozambique, 90 minutes flight north-east of Joburg. Our final destination is Tofo Beach. You may have never heard of Tofo. Except if you are a diver. one of the capital for macro diving in the macro, we are meaning big fish. Our first stop is the Bamboozi resort for 4 nights right on Tofo beach. We are 50 meters from the restaurant and the beach, and ... read more
Tofo beach...magic and wild!
Enjoying the another giant! We are not jealous!
Flamingo Bay...magic!

Africa » Mozambique » Central » Beira November 13th 2010

8th – 13th November 2010 Pemba – Ihla de Mozambique – Nampula – Beira We left Pemba just after 4am and had a quick drive down to Ihla de Mozambique (only 5 hours) which was pretty uneventful except for the driver trying to demand more money from us due to the high price of fuel. It was very picturesque driving towards the island and over the causeway with turquoise waters and white sand beaches. We were staying at a backpackers place called Ruby’s that we’d heard great things about so got dropped off there and luckily they had a twin room available. It was so hot on the island, there was no wind and the sun was beating down but after a quick rest we went off to explore the island. It’s not a big island, ... read more
Funny kid, Ihla de Moz
View from Ihla de Goa
Fixing the fishing nets

Africa » Mozambique November 9th 2010

If one stays in Swaziland for too long... one starts to go crazy. Living in my ghetto apartment and feeling like I was under house arrest was getting to me. When the roomie is out of the country it gets lonely and leaving the compound when it is dark out isn’t much of an option. So.... in order to earn myself some freedom I bought a car. I think that if any of my old Oil Kings ever read this they would be devastated to hear that I was cheating on the white rocket, but as much as I would love to buy a matching 1994 white Honda civic hatchback, I went for one of the most common cars on the road here - a 2000 VW polo. I don’t think we have the Polo in ... read more
Best t-shirt ever
Lovely Ladies
My drummer boy

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba November 8th 2010

1st – 2nd November 2010 Kampala – Nairobi - Pemba Leaving Kampala.......Well most of the goodbyes had been said and the promises made to return to Kampala one day. Our last night in Lions Motel was heralded by the firing up of the generator outside my room which was left on for most of the night which meant that when the alarm went off early in the morning I’d had very little sleep. Our bus left at 7.15am so after managing to get a takeaway coffee from Café Javas we boarded our Queens Coach and actually left ON TIME!!! After getting over the shock Kath and I settled in for our 12 hour drive to Nairobi. The trip itself was only memorable for the fact that nothing happened and the drive was relatively smooth except for ... read more
Pemba outdoor movie theatre
Pemba sunset
Stuck on the side of the road

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Bazaruto Archipelago September 28th 2010

Friday (6/8/10) Drive Day Another early start we were back on the truck this time bound for Mozambique! We stopped midmorning at a local stone curio’s picking up a couple souvenirs. Back to the truck we cruised along some the very narrow single lane road’s. Keen to get to camp we planned a quick lunch stop, which took over 45 minutes to buy a couple bottles of water (TIA). A couple hours later pulled into our roadside camp spot for the night, in time to whip up some spag bol for dinner. Saturday Up and at em, we hit the road right on 7am along surprisingly good roads. We stopped to buy some fresh cashews and made another quick road side with lunch everyone keen to get to Vilankolos. We arrived at Vilunkalos a small African ... read more
Dancing kids!
He's got the moves
Pt 2

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Island of Mozambique August 29th 2010

From Tofo to Maputo, there is a door to door shuttle run by an independent company to Fatima's, leaving at 4am. It loads the bus with backpackers first, jamming the backpacks under the seats and most likely charging a premium. Then is rams in as many locals as physically possible. I get a seat with leg room, not on the wheel arch for once so can actually get some sleep. The journey is estimated at 5-10hours depending on what occurs on the journey, many new arrivals to Tofo took 9 hours so I have low expectations and am shocked when we get to Maputo Fatima's at 10am, only 6 hours! I try to fly to Nampula that day but the flight is full so I book one for 8am the next morning. I wander Maputo the ... read more
Road from Nampula
Bridge to the island
Not good for passing

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Mocuba August 29th 2010

It's days like these that make me want to revert to easy travel with tours and transfers... The day starts at 4am with the mosque wailing in the alien-brainwash-electronic call. Luckily I want to get up then anyway. I quickly pack and make my way out of the hostel to try and find some way to Nampula. My stomach has been gurgling all night and I'm nauseous so blaming the awful meal at Flor de Rosa the night before, I amble to the main street. Luckily there is a chapas in no time at all and I ram in with all my stuff. The dirt track, bumpy road is already taxing and I concentrate on not throwing up. We fill the minibus by 5am so make our way to the bridge, we even stop mid crossing ... read more
Bus station
Comfy ride...
Lunch stop

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