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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo February 17th 2011

Birthday Shenanigans So… I often have mixed emotions when it comes to my birthday. I get really excited, but there are always tears (ask Alicia… she has seen many and doesn’t understand why I always cry on my birthday) This year the lead-up was tear-filled and filled with – what the hell am I doing in my life questions that my poor roommate got to deal with daily. I had nothing major planned for the weekend, but when Michelle’s postponed Christmas party got postponed yet again –she decided we were heading to Maputo. So Friday afternoon we set off in the Polo. I have driven every time, but Michelle offered to drive my car (hers is a bit of a lemon). Hanging with Michelle is hilarious – it is like a comedy of errors. On the ... read more
Old man night at the train station
again... old man night
Cigars? Cigarettes?

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo January 21st 2011

So when I left off we were on our slightly delayed plane from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe back to Johannesburg, South Africa. Mike had booked our flights together and was assured by the woman at South African Airlines that I would get a gluten-free meal. Well… the flight was actually run by SA link, and when the cute blonde airline hostess came through to offer chicken or vegetarian, Mike said chicken for me, and gluten free for her. She started to protest and Mike interrupted to say that he was assured that I would get a gluten free meal. I received no gluten free meal – mike ate mine instead. There were a group of Asians sitting behind us, and when the lady would offer chicken or vegetarian, they clearly couldn’t understand her. So… she yelled the ... read more
Ben - the American who wants to be Canadian
Mike attempting to dump me in the ocean
Mission accomplished

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane January 4th 2011

An unforgettable adventure Mozambique has the most romantic sunsets and gorgeous beaches. Even though pictures often seen of Mozambique look idyllic and picturesque there is a lot more to the country than that. What you won’t know is the experiences that make the trip unique... from potholed roads to dodgy public toilets to interesting markets and being guilt tripped into buying curios and bracelets by the bagful. But then that is where the adventure really is, isn't it? Our first trip to Mozambique (April 2008) will always be the most memorable for me... it felt like it took us forever to get there... we drove from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and stayed over with friends, and from there across the border to Mozambique and stayed in Casa Lisa just outside of Maputo. The accommodation is ... read more
Bara beach
Local girl

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo December 15th 2010

Dag vrienden , na lange tijd kan ik nog eens online. In Malawi hebben ze precies nog nooit van internet gehoord ... maar dat geeft eigenlijk niet want het was veel te mooi daar om achter de pc te gaan zitten. Prachtige natuur daar in Malawi , vooral in Cape Maclear aan het Malawi meer (Lake Malawi) En de mensen zijn daar zo supervriemdelijk , echt , nooit eerder meegemaakt. Wat me ook opviel is de geloofsovertuiging in dit arme land , hoofdzakelijk christelijk (met vele denominaties uiteraard , presbyteriaans , 7dags adventisten , apostolisch , enz..) De mensen hebben hier weinig of niets , maar zijn voor alles God erg dankbaar. Zo zijn ze bvb heel erg dankbaar als het even regent , of als ze ergens veilig zijn aangekomen .... Ja , ik vermeld ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo December 15th 2010

Dus ... de titel verwijst naar de plaats waar ik tot vrijdag blijf overnachten , voor wie het eventueel eens wil google'n. De stad Maputo is een grote vuile stad , alhoewel je op enkele uren hiervandaan enkele van de mooiste stranden ter wereld hebt ; bvb. Ponta d´Ouro waar ik vorig jaar was . Ik ben voormiddag eens gaan rondwandelen en heb weer n nieuwe onverwachte ervaring achter de rug ... ik kom op straat 2 gasten tegen die mij aanklampen en op het eerste zicht gewoon vriendelijk een hand willen geven , maar niet loslaten ... de tweede die erbij was neemt mijn vrije arm vast en begint iets in portugees te brabbelen , ik versta niet echt portugees maar hij zei dat ik kalm moest blijven en het was hun om mijn "money-belt" ... read more

Africa » Mozambique December 3rd 2010

Oceano Indiano, capanne di paglia sulla spiaggia, un passato da colonia portoghese, musica reggae e birra a volonta': uno potrebbe credere di essere finito a Goa, la localita' balneare per eccellenza della costa indiana, ma in questo caso siamo sulla sponda opposta dell'oceano: in Africa, Mozambico per l'esattezza. Qui il mezzo di trasporto per eccellenza e' il chapa, un vecchio minibus quasi sempre giapponese di seconda mano, con ancora le vecchie scritte stampate sui fianchi, qualcosa del tipo "scuolabus di Osaka Est" o "Monte Fuji sumo club"; la capienza nominale sarebbe di 11 posti, quella effettiva di 15, ma quasi sempre si arriva tranquillamente almeno a 18 e, non essendo per natura i giapponesi dei giganti, si viaggia tutti compressi tra i sedili e schiacciati da borse, valigie, sacchi di verdure, bambini e mazzi di galline ... read more
Tofo: solo con un cane
Vilankulo: chi si rivede...
Il grande fiume Zambesi

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo December 3rd 2010

This is a late entry of a fabulous trip done in April earlier this year..... read more
Those Lazy days

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 20th 2010

Well our time in Kampala has finally come to an end and we have said a sad goodbye to the kids and the babies. In our last week we decided to take the children from PCA to the Ndere Centre which is a cultural Ugandan dance show. The kids loved it! The show is very interactive and they were all up on stage showing off their dance moves. The next part of our travels we have decided to backpack/flash pack along the coast of Mozambique for 1 month - we will then travel across to Swaziland and then into J'burg where we fly out 30 November to Sydney. Our trip started in the early hours in Kampala where we caught a lovely NEW bus (Queens Coach) to Nairobi (12 hours) and it is well worth a ... read more
Pemba Bush and Dive Camp
Flat tyre

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos November 20th 2010

13th – 20th November 2010 Vilanculos – Tofo After one of the worst nights sleep of this trip….I think I managed about 2 hours of actual sleep in the hottest room ever with mosquitos flying around us (the Lonely Planet does rate Beira as the place that you are most likely to catch malaria in Moz!), we woke up at 2am and quickly got changed and finished packing our bags (so quickly that I managed to leave my favourite t shirt behind) and ran out the door as our taxi driver was early (now that’s a first in Africa!) and was tooting the heck out of his car horn. We managed to board the bus etc and had a smooth comfortable ride to our drop off point although the sun threatened to melt us as one ... read more
A little bit of heaven in Moz
Kath enjoying the Dhow ride
Me also enjoying the ride

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo November 15th 2010

One more diving trip...and one more time back to Africa. I have usual, the last few days in RDC having great time with great friends. Leslie at the same time is enjoying his Grandparents in Bangkok...and he his visiting Angkor with them. After my week in RDC, I spent a night in Joburg before picking up Ma'ri at the airport. This time were are heading to Inhambane, Mozambique, 90 minutes flight north-east of Joburg. Our final destination is Tofo Beach. You may have never heard of Tofo. Except if you are a diver. one of the capital for macro diving in the macro, we are meaning big fish. Our first stop is the Bamboozi resort for 4 nights right on Tofo beach. We are 50 meters from the restaurant and the beach, and ... read more
Tofo beach...magic and wild!
Enjoying the another giant! We are not jealous!
Flamingo Bay...magic!

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