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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo March 31st 2012

If there would be only one day which we will never forget from our trip, it will be this one. The GPS showed "Deep Sand" to a certain point where the road split, and after that it showed "Off-road". I am not an experienced T4A person, but the difference in description led me to the assumption that off-road is not deep sand. Hahahaha. Anyhow, Gert and Ruben took our luggage on the Bakkie to the split in the road and we had a joll up to this point. We loaded the bikes and said our good byes to our support team. This was now my first experience with the bike fully loaded in the sand, and it was clear from the start that I had trouble coming. Tommie faithfully came to my rescue each time I ... read more
Pak die fietse
Afdraai van "Deep Sand"
Diep sand

Africa » Mozambique » Southern March 29th 2012

Day 2 We left early the morning with a couple of raindrops. This time we decided not do make the same mistake again and had our full rain gear on. This was not problem in the beginning, but we were pushed for time because we had to meet a friend (Dankie Gert ou maat) at the Mozambique border at 15:00. Because motorbike clothing takes some time to put on or take off, we kind of overheated before reaching the border post. Gert sent an SMS that the sand was very loose in certain places and this scred me even more. We have not had any real deep sand experience before. All well and we were at the Kosi Bay border post in time. The border crossing were the best I have ever experienced into Mozambique and ... read more
Ontoelaatbare foto
Eerste sand ry les
My eerste val

Africa » Mozambique » Southern March 29th 2012

We woke up after a fantastic sleep. This we obviously contribute to the strenuous previous day, and not forgetting the 2ndround of R&R’s at Fernando’s. Gert and Ruben, our hosts, support team, friends, guides and food provider in Mozambique to this point in time once again surprise us with an invitation to breakfast. We feel spoiled and I have to say this is a far cry from my visions of going to an African country and roughing it, but we do not complain with a white bread under the arm. After breakfast we went on a tour of the surrounding area up north form Ponta Do Ouro on Quad Bikes. Not sissy ones, but those with lekker vuma. At first we hold our hosts back often with little things like getting stuck, parking in such a ... read more
Lekker blyplek
Hier begin die sports.
Ruben en sy nuwe quad.

Africa » Mozambique » Western » Cahora Bassa March 29th 2012

On my first night in Zim we went to Mez and Gary’s for supper and whilst we were there Gary offered us the chance to go with him to Mozambique that coming weekend so we thought why not! We had been staying on the farm and were meeting Gary in Harare so first we had to get back into town. This involved a 2 hour ride in the back of Clive’s pickup truck (me Carly and Oscar) in the pouring rain! We were all soaked, tired and a bit battered but I thought it was a fantastic way to travel, like having a convertible but more exciting. Travelling in the back of pickup trucks is completely legal in Zim, it is how most people get around (though I don’t think people are too used to seeing ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos February 15th 2012

Sometimes life is too good to be true, huh! Mozambique is one of the most amazing countries in the world and we don’t want to wake up from this awesome dream. Here you’ll find crystal blue water, friendly and smiling people, incredible weather, white and long beaches, fresh seafood and paradise for every tourist. But reality for locals is much darker than we expected, life isn’t easy for the locals and the tourists don’t make it easier either since they are spending a local monthly salary for a dinner in front of their eyes. We have tried to come as close to the local life in Vilankulo. It has been great an experience to visit the cozy markets, to buy fresh fish from the beach, to laugh and share the new experiences. So we are learning, ... read more
Fish market in Vilankulo Beach
Rainy season but sunny and +40 every day
The rain is calming down stormy sea

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane February 7th 2012

We left Malawi with a relief as it has been quite difficult to get around, overcrowded public transportation, daily increases in prices and the troubled currency but we didn’t have a clue how tough it would be for our first few days in Mozambique. Dirty and endless roads greeted us and we soon wished that we would be back in Malawi. We crossed the border happily since our cheap visas (read about it in the previous blog) worked and amazing people met us with bright smiles, and it doesn’t matter that we faced a language barrier already on the border. Soon we realized that we are in middle of nowhere and we were only ones who were crossing the border at the time. Welcome to Mozambique! The next three days included a lot waiting on the ... read more
About to have a crash landing
Bright markets
Enjoying the rare shade

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo January 31st 2012

From Island to town... Well guess who has returned from a wonderful ten days on Inhaca, sure internet was present there but I choose to ignore this and forget about the digital world for a while. Spend my first two days in Maputo at Fatima’s backpackers, cosy little place with a camping area for those like me who enjoy staying really cheap... Mostly been spending my days walking around town, seeing what’s changed and taking the chappa to the beach for some well deserved relaxation time. I’m learning. So far only got scammed once and it was simply a stupid mistake made by me not agreeing on a price of the food beforehand. Kind of hard to bargain when you’ve already eaten... Took the ferry to Inhaca in Sunday (22/1), already red skinned and acing so ... read more
Strange slabs of rock
Hungry much?
Indian Ocean

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba January 18th 2012

Today was prison ministry; Megan, me and about 10 others gathered together to go on a trip to go to the local prison. This is a ministry that Iris do once a week on a Tuesday, run by a guy who used to be in the prison himself, called Ezekiel. We all jumped into the back of a truck to take us on a 20 minute drive before we arrived at the prison. We arrived in the grounds of the prison where we took our ‘valuables’ out of our pockets before we went in to the confined prison building. This was quite annoying as I wanted to take pictures but perhaps you will just have to imagine it… …We entered through the main gate into the prison building itself and straight in front of us was ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern January 13th 2012

When we initially planned our trip we were left with two weeks in between the Drakensburg and the Serengeti. Zanzibar was a must and we had allotted it at least 5 days. Mozambique and Malawi were the two places left to decide between and for how long. Our initial hope was to try to do both for a few days but time and budget got the better of Malawi this time. That gave us one week to explore Mozambique. The highlight we had heard was snorkeling with whale sharks in a place called Tofo. In researching the highs and lows we found that Maputo was supposed to be a lovely capital city that added to the appeal of the country. Since we had a full week we thought we could take a couple of days to ... read more
The ferry to Catembe; yes cars do go on it!
Our view during the ferry ride
Disembarking at the beach in Catembe

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Pemba January 11th 2012

I was talking about, in our last blog, how we helped prepare 3 ½ tonnes of beans into 10kg sacks ready to be distributed; well maize and rice had also been sacked up in 5kg bags (before we had arrive) and were already to be given to the widows and disabled in the community. On Monday 9th of January, hundreds of men and women came to the Iris base, collected a ticket and queued up ready to collect their free food for the next 2 weeks. We had 4 stations ready to receive 1 person at a time, to load them up with food to take home to their families. They laid down their multipurpose material flat on the floor and we would poor rice in and then put a bag of beans and a bag ... read more

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