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Africa » Mozambique » Western » Tete August 3rd 2011

Dear All Greetings from Mozambique! Wow – what an exotic place to be in, and although just nextdoor to Malawi, a completely different country with a completely different feel to it (starting with the fact that people speak Portuguese here...!) I must admit this different feel was a major shock when I first arrived, and my initial sentiment was one of missing Malawi actually and a desire to go back, which was a bit of a surprise. But fortunately I stuck through the feelings and am having an amazing time right now – different, but amazing! I am currently writing this from a super lodge located on the shores of the Lake Cahora Bassa, the 5th largest reservoir in the world, in the remote, far north-west of the country. Mozambique is primarily a coastal country, with ... read more
The Ugezi Tiger Lodge

Africa » Mozambique July 4th 2011

When our daughter was living in South Africa, we took advantage of the situation and made numerous trips to Africa. What amazed us was that even though Africa had not been high on the list of the places we thought we wanted to visit, after several trips we were hooked. It has now been a few years, we miss visiting Africa and very much want to go back some day. One of our daughter's largest projects was writing about the restoration of Gorongosa Park in Mozambique. She published an article in Smithsonian Magazine, "Greg Carr's Big Gamble". After reading and hearing so much about Gorongosa we wanted visit the park ourselves, so we accompanied her on a trip to the park and then proceeded to visit a bit more of Mozambique. I was fortunate enough to ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Mocímboa da Praia June 2nd 2011

It's rumoured - between travellers, in the guidebooks, and on websites -to be full of pickpockets, hustlers and con-men, and I'd hoped to bypass it by catching a dhow from Tanzania to Mozambique. But with the dhow non-existent, my only option was to cross the border via the somewhat notorious Rovuma River crossing. And it turned out to be everything it was rumoured to be - a beautiful place to be fleeced, but fleeced I was. The crossing began with a bent Tanzanian border official who demanded 2000 shillings (80p) to leave the country. I refused and bluffed, at which point he let me pass, only to point out, behind my back, my rucksack on the truck to one of his cronies outside. I took it as a signal to leave as quickly as possible, and ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos May 22nd 2011

Day 68, Wednesday, May 4th, we left Tofino by taxi to Inhambane. We took a 20-minute ferry ride across the bay to Maxixe. We had to extend our visas since we planned to head north and explore more of Mozambique. After two hours in the busy immigration office they told us it would take a week minimum (John had been to the office a week earlier and they had said they could do it same day for a fee). Discouraged we walk to the bus station to figure out transport to Vilanculos (250 miles North). It was a hot dusty afternoon and the ground was muddy from rain the night before. We walked from bus to bus asking questions in broken Portuguese finally finding a Chapa going our way. We had to pay extra for our ... read more
Maxixe Beach
Street Vendors selling to buses
Vilanculos Beach - High Tide

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 11th 2011

Week 8-10 Tofo/Tofino Beach Day 49, April 13th, we woke up at 4:30am to catch our 5:30 bus from Maputo to Tofo Beach. The backpacker had a cheap bus $600MT/per person ($20US) door to door to there beach front property Fatima’s Nest, a mere 250 miles up the coast. Bargain transportation comes with strings attached. The 30-seater bus arrived at Fatima’s seemingly half way full with luggage and people. The 9 of us going were wondering how they would fit all of our luggage and us inside the bus, as there was no under or above storage. Within a half hour we were all loaded and situated in the elementary school like metal seats with straight backs and little cushioning. Best-case scenario we would be there in six hours. As we pulled out we were all ... read more
Stunning whale shark
Tofino Surf Break
Tofo Beach

Would anyone like to fund my next trips...pretty please! My top ten 'I must go soon' destinations: Mozambique Antarctica Namibia Botswana Alaska Arctic Mustique Argentina India Costa Rica ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo April 7th 2011

Thursday April 7th, 2011 Off the Coast of South Africa Latitude 28 degrees 21 minutes’- Longitude 32 degrees 34 minutes east Yesterday we were in Maputo, Mozambique and it was a nice clear day. Our four day crossing from the Seychelles Islands was some of the roughest seas we have encountered since we left Fort Lauderdale. The dawn brought a soft light spreading across calming seas with a pleasant cool breeze from the southwest. As we rounded the headland and came into the bay it was easy to see why the Portuguese had made this their main seaport for over 400 years. The protected natural harbor was large and easy to navigate. There on a raised promontory the city of Maputo watched over our approach. Mozambique achieved independence from Portugal in 1974. From a distance the ... read more
Maputo 038
Maputo 092
Maputo 067

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Metangula February 25th 2011

The transport arrived 20 minutes early. It was a big truck - one you would put animals on, I climbed over the wheel and into the back. My big bag got moved to the front and I sat on the floor on a piece of plastic (the truck base was wet). I noticed almost immediately that my knees showed (as did the men)when I sat on the floor, so I put my bag on my lap and tried to cover as much as possible. I spent the 4 hour trip to Metangula trying to learn some Portuguese. No-one on the transport could speak English. I listened to them speak Portuguese just to try get used to the language. I couldn't pick up much. This was definitely going to be a challenge. What truly amazed me, was ... read more
SIM Dinner
Claude & Me

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo February 17th 2011

Birthday Shenanigans So… I often have mixed emotions when it comes to my birthday. I get really excited, but there are always tears (ask Alicia… she has seen many and doesn’t understand why I always cry on my birthday) This year the lead-up was tear-filled and filled with – what the hell am I doing in my life questions that my poor roommate got to deal with daily. I had nothing major planned for the weekend, but when Michelle’s postponed Christmas party got postponed yet again –she decided we were heading to Maputo. So Friday afternoon we set off in the Polo. I have driven every time, but Michelle offered to drive my car (hers is a bit of a lemon). Hanging with Michelle is hilarious – it is like a comedy of errors. On the ... read more
Old man night at the train station
again... old man night
Cigars? Cigarettes?

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo January 21st 2011

So when I left off we were on our slightly delayed plane from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe back to Johannesburg, South Africa. Mike had booked our flights together and was assured by the woman at South African Airlines that I would get a gluten-free meal. Well… the flight was actually run by SA link, and when the cute blonde airline hostess came through to offer chicken or vegetarian, Mike said chicken for me, and gluten free for her. She started to protest and Mike interrupted to say that he was assured that I would get a gluten free meal. I received no gluten free meal – mike ate mine instead. There were a group of Asians sitting behind us, and when the lady would offer chicken or vegetarian, they clearly couldn’t understand her. So… she yelled the ... read more
Ben - the American who wants to be Canadian
Mike attempting to dump me in the ocean
Mission accomplished

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